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Help! Endurance!!!

 Im no foreign to the t-man philosophies of training.

 I am however, a stranger to endurance training. I need your help!

 I had my ship dates to go to boot camp updated - I leave in a month!

 My runs are decent at this point. So are my pull-ups (17), and dips(25). However, when timing my pushups and situps, I discovered they are SHAMEFUL!

 I get 40 pushups, and 50 situps each in 2 minutes. It's ridiculous -those are just the bare minimums required to pass the physical test! I need to be at the other end of the spectrum - and do close to 100 pushups in 2 minutes, and 100 situps in 2 minutes. The trainer at my gym told me to do 1-2 sets of pushups and situps everyday to failure and time myself - and eliminate chest day altogether until I come back from boot camp.

  What do you guys think? 

  What should my carb intake be? Is 1.5g/lb bodyweight of carbs/day good enough? Im following Berardi's guidelines, so that ammounts to 3 meals with 100 g carbs, and 3 meals with P+F.

  Please respond! Your helps will be much appreciated!

perhaps a density approach would help with your bodyweight exercises.

Get a book called twisted conditioning by bud jefferies


Check out some of my past posts for getting people ready for military training. If you can not locate them let me know.

Best of Luck.

Twisted Conditioning is a good book.

By the time you are done with basic, you will have done more push-ups than you will ever need to do. The basic military assumption is that the kids that come in are going to be in horrible shape, and for the most part they are right. So it really does not matter how many you can do right now, they are going to smoke the shit out of you anyways. If you can pass the PT test prior to arriving, then you are going to be way ahead of the game. So basically, I wouldn’t worry about it. I would spend time with friends and family doing fun stuff, because it all comes to a halt when you get on the cattle truck.

 How do I search threads by name? All I get is a bunch of unrelated topics.... Thanx!

Your were right! Damn, I have given alot of advise of the last couple of years. Here is one I cut and pasted from page four.
Okay, Doc time for you to do some home work. Go to yahoo and search Air Force, physical fitness test. That will give you plenty of information on the standards and a couple pf programs. The problem is that your client has waited way to long too start training. The Trainig effect usually doesn’t kick in for about six weeks.
Good news. I will give you the same schedule that worked so well for the young man who only had two week to get ready for the Army test.
First, Take the time she has to make on the two miles and break it into 16 intervals.
Week One - Day One have her run a half lap (1/4 mile track) at time then walk a half lap.
Week One - Day Two this week have her run a quarter mile (one lap) followed by a half lap walk.
Can you see the progression here? At this late date you are teaching her her pace. You need to do the same thing for her push-ups and sit-ups using a metronome.

If you follow the smae kind of progression for the push-up and sit-ups using a metronome this should help.

Also search on Marine Corp fitness test several of the ROTC Units have posted guides for their students.

Best of Luck.

Best of Luck
Best of Luck.

diesel acutually I would what the trainer in your gym said. As many push-ups,sit-ups and pull-ups as u can. And keep building it up. Since thats all u will be doing in boot camp. Same w/ the run. Run for distance don’t worry about how fast your going just look at distance in the run. Good luck in Boot Camp, and have fun.

In health,

Silas C.

I do this at the end of my weight days-3x week…Takes about 20 minutes…you can adapt it easily

Jump rope(1-2 minutes)+50 pushups

do 10 intervals of above

I agree with tha1000. As long as you can pass the test going in, don’t sweat it. No one gives a rat’s ass what you do going in . The most important thing is to just give it your all, all of the time–especially when you are being punished. Don’t dog it when you are being punished over and over. If you give 100% everytime you are dropped, you’ll be up there in no time.

  Aagghhhhh - I care!!! Those at the top of the class graduate with honors, and are given base liberties others dont get - which consist of a few hours on your own with no D.I.s yelling at you.

  If you graduate with honors, you could move up in rank just because of it - which means more respect from those with a lower rank, better pay, and faster promotion.
  After  you go to tech school, itll show on the report card your D.I.s at boot camp will give you, which will make your life easier.

  I look in great shape, like most of us here - but that means squat for those goin in the military. I need performance and endurance, and I personally want to be at my peak the day I step off that bus. Knowing I am at the top of my class will make me much more confident regardless of what   the D.I.s are screaming at me.

  The military isnt your local college - Cs dont get degrees here. You're in to give your best and to be the    best - and you know what, your D.I. doesnt give a shit who you are, who you think you are, or what you could do prior to get in there. They dont care how hard you try - they just want you to be up there PT wise, not just hang around the minimums you need to do to pass.

I went into the basic weighing a very soft 218. At the end I maxed the pushups and situps, and weighed a painfully thin 168. They don’t give honors for how you perform when you get there. You earn the honors while you are there. I know you’ll give your all during P.T. (everyone does), but where you’ll seperate yourself is when you are being dropped. 99% of the people there try to get over when the D.I. isn’t looking. That is when you try harder.

“which means more respect from those with a lower rank”

No one is going to respect you more because of how many situps you do. That’s a promise.

 They will if you graduate with honors.

  Doogie, how bout you stick to your 'you dont need to prepare yourself' theories, and Ill stick to my theories? Sound fair?

  In the end we'll se who's gotten fathest along.

Try doing Hindu Pushups,every day at least one hundred a day. After that regular push ups will feel a lot less difficult.

I agree with fitone just do push ups sit ups until you can do more in the alloted time… Run the same way… Eat clean…

Diesel, dude you’re going to get mashed, you’re going to get pushed to a limit that you never before knew you had, and then pushed beyond no matter how hard you prepare. I believe that’s what doogie was talking about.

You need to heed the advice of everyone on this thread doogie included. A lot of us have been there and have different advice to give. If you show up at bootcamp begging to PT and bragging about how good of shape you’re in then you’ll just get pushed harder than everyone else until you’re broken. That is why bootcamp is brilliant, and that’s why bootcamp works. It’s meant to push individual limits until you’ve proven something to yourself. Thusly making a more self-confident Marine-Sailor-Soldier-Airman.

As you train, and have the goal of being in great shape for when you show up, you need to start thinking about your fellow recruits, your teamates. If you’re able to excel in PT, then you need to help those who have trouble. I guarantee if you do well and beat your chest and belittle your comrades, you will fail.

Learn teamwork, read some teamwork books. You will stand out more if you’re a team player and go the extra mile to help out your fellow recruits. That is the kind of thing that will get you noticed, showing that you’re a leader and not just good at PT. If you want to get paid, then be a good leader.

I’m suprised, even appaled by your arrogance. You think a dude that can do 30 pullups, 150 sit-ups and 120 pushups is the one who gets “honors?” You’re grossly mistaken Diesel. Do you know how to fold a shirt the right way? Do you know how to clean your weapon? Are you a good marksman? Can you pay attention when you’ve had 3 hours sleep, a high carb lunch, and are required to sit crosslegged on a tiled deck and learn about the intricacies of Marine Corps History? Can you lace your boots the right way? Diesel, do you even know what an Irish Pennant is?

PT is a big deal, but it’s still just one aspect of being a strong recruit/future Marine.

It’s evident at least by your attitude on this string and previous strings that you’re motivated and excited to be a Marine and that’s awesome, just be sure to utilize it the right way. You’re going to have to “Man up” on your own soon…

Good Luck


Okay D,

I am sending you the first three days of a pre-ranger program I co-developed years ago at the 101st. The program is 21 days long and it assumes that the student is in condition and has basic soldier skills. If you can and are sure you want to devote the next month to really getting ready write me back. And I will fresh out a program for you.
If not just say not thanks.

Best of Luck.

Older lifter, I did get your PM and I do now understand what you meant, ol.

It actually sounds VERY interesting. Also congrats on serving in the 101st. However I have NO combat skills...but Ive always been fascinated by the grueling training Rangers go through.

I would be very interested in the program you could give me for the next month. Thanx!

 To the other poster, whatever your name is - you might want to try using reading comprehension skills. It's about ME wanting to excel PHYSICALLY and feel CONFIDENT that I have what it takes to PHYSICALLY pass boot camp. PT will not give you honors, and it will not make you better at anything else. You do have to work as a team - Im not ignorant, mind you. I fail to see how you relate excelling physically to 'beating your chest'. Trust me, its about ME being able to do MY BEST, and still take a load of crap from my TIs. Its about ME helping OTHERS with PT and not the other way around. It's about the fact that if I can only get the minimum reps for pushups/situps NOW, how many will I get once my food intake is severely restricted compared to now?

 One last thing: Dont EVER tell me to man up. Wanna tell somebody what to do? Join the Marines and become a TI. Till then kepp your mouth shut baby boy.

i would not do pushup training after dip training. if you say that you need help increasing your pushups then try doing clap pushups, the ones where you try to push your body as high as possible, you don’t need to clap. this will help build up your strength levels. after you do a couple of sets then you can supplement with some regular pushups. laters pk