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Help! Embarrasing swayback/

Ok, whenever i walk-around i’ve noticed that it is natural for my gait to include a swayback. I want to bend at my pelvis slightly and not only is it a projection of bad alignment but i would like to stop walking the way of a neanderthal. Anyway, what is causing this and what can i do to correct it?

I don’t know what causes this. A chiropractor
or physical therapist might help if there’s
any sort of chronic muscular or skeletal

But, if it’s just a matter of bad posture,
you should try taking up something like
ballroom dance. Seriously. And you’ll meet
lots of women. When was the last time you
saw some waltzing or tangoing hunced over?
Ballet would do it too.

Or, a martial like aikido that stresses a
vertical posture will do wonders for your
posture as well.

Uh, swayback and neanderthal are contradictions. What’s the real problem?

Another descripter for swayback is lordosis. Primarily the problem is weak abs/lower back muscles. Go to a chiropractor, discuss some exercises. In the meantime, work on your abs and lower back and be conscious of how you’re walking. Sometimes isometrically holding in your abs can help.

Actually a sway back and hyperlordotic posture are 2 very different things! The chances of finding a chiro that can help you are very very slim. I suggest you familiarize yourself with Chek’s videos (abs & back series) or if you have the cash work with a Chek certified trainer. Postural correction is a very lengthy and challenging endeavor but don’t give up because it works if you put the time in.

Try this site it might help www.egoscue.com

Actually its caused by weak abs, weak hams, tight lower back, and tight hip flexors. Read Kings article “pelvis has left the building”