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Help Eating To Grow


To the big guys out there:

Right now I am 190lb on a 6'2 frame. The goal here is to gain some weight (around 20-30lb, and I know that will take a long time). I already eat five times a day. Things like: Chicken, beef, vegetables, fruits, oatmeal, eggs. What does eating to get big mean to everyone: 2 eggs for breakfast or 10, 1 turkey breast or the entire freaking turkey? Also I only eat carbs (rice, macaroni) after I work out, but I eat alot of vegetables all the time. Really I'm just looking for examples/ideas of what you guys eat


P.S I life heavy (well its heavy for me sinces i'm a newbie) 3 times a week and do cardio twice a week


I'm 5'7" and weight 167. For breakfast I have 6 egg whites and 2 servings of grits. PWO shake with 700cals. Lunch MINIMUM of 3 chicken breasts or 2 burgers or a big piece of fish with pasta, rice, or beans plus some veggies. Protein shake with oatmeal, organic english muffin or walnuts/peanuts. Dinner same as lunch. Bedtime protein shake with 40g of protein minimum.


Normal bulking diet:

Wake up: 1/2 package Turkey Bacon
5 Whole Eggs 5 egg whites
Whole Wheat Bagel

Arrive at work: 16oz 1% Cottage Cheese
2 Scoops Metabolic Drive

2 Hours later: 14-16oz Steak
2 Large Potatoes (or sweet potatoes)

2 Hours later: Same as previous meal, but sometimes Chicken instead

2 Hours later: 3 scoops Metabolic Drive
2 Tablespoons Natural PB

Pre-workout: 2 scoops whey, with cranberry juice

During workout: Surge

Post workout: Surge

half hour PW: I generally raid my cabinets and fridge for about 45 minutes - 1 hour or until I can't physically eat anymore

Last real meal: Chicken/Tuna/Salmon
Whole wheat pasta

Pre-bed: 3 scoops Metabolic Drive mixed in water

Not the most scientific of bulking plans, but it has worked for me for years.

Flame away nutrition experts.

I should add, that unlike alot of people here I don't care too much about fat gain when bulking, and if it starts to get out of control I do a few 20 min cardio sessions/week


If your really trying to beef up I'd up your meals to 7-8 per day. This means every 2 hours and possibly waking in the middle of the night for a shake or carb-free meal. Instead of writing every meal I eat I'll just give the nutrient numbers I consume ever 2 hours.

Per meal

500-650 calories
45-60 grams protein (complete sources)
35-50 grams carbs (complex)
fat- I never really count but I use fish oil and omega's but I'll usually still eat a handful of nuts(almonds or walnuts) at each sitting.

I will eat anywhere between 7-10 meals per day just like this. I might cut out the carbs in the last 2 meals before bed and postworkout I have a pretty big shake(up to 100 grams carbs,75 grams protein) then 1 hr. later I'll have a postworkout meal but other than this it's every 2 hours. You might have to play around with the numbers a bit but I guarentee it will put muscle on about anyone.


Anyone who has got big has only really done so by eating an excess of calories. But, this isn't an excuse to start eating bargain buckets to yourself as a snack or having whole cakes for nibbles.

Work out your current calorie rate and add to it, it doesn't have to be super accurate. Work out the approx intake and then work out the ratio's you want. This can vary but plenty of unsaturated and mono-unsaturated fats have a favourable effect on muscle building hormones, recovery and general wellbeing.

Plenty of protein, typically my main source of protein comes from dairy products like yoghurt,cottage cheese and milk with some protein supplements and red meat. I eat chicken and some fish too. Don't touch tuna, I hate it.

Getting up to eat in the night is a good idea, not popular with the 170lb crew though, they prefer to stay small and lean.


sounds like we have very similar frames. here are some mandatory tips if you've always been thin:

  1. buy a blender. i use mine daily for breakfast (it's easy to make 1000 kcal shakes/meals) and sometimes before bed.

  2. get over your fear of carbs. if you absolutely must limit them, just keep them out of your last meal or two of the day.



Thanks for all the tips so far. Looks like I'm pretty much on the right track. two things i gotta do:

1) Eat more for breakfast (usually I only have oatmeal)

2) Bring back carbs, looks like I'm gonna have to start eating more rice, pasta, and sweet potatoes. Just not right before bad correct?


Don't forget the most important thing "it's not how much you eat but how much you assimilate!"
Probably you are young with good digestion if not consider enzymes or other digestive aids.