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Help! E2 Levels Rising


I have been on TRT for a few months now and have been injecting T cyp 2x weekly (100 mg total). I have also added inHCG within the past 3 weeks (25 units 2x weekly). My doctor is not a big fan of Adex and so I have been doing that myself, dosing with liquid at 12 drops MWF.

I just got my most recent labs and total T is now at 672 (good), but my E level is now at 64 which is up from 36 last month.

I am hoping I can convince my doctor to prescribe Adex as I feel a little weird taking research chemicals marked "not for human consumption." If he will not do this, how much should I increase my dose in order to get the E level down below 30? I have not been feeling great at this level and assume it will be MUCH better once I can control it.

Thanks for the help and advice.


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