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Help Drawing from Vial

hopefully someone can ease my mind this kind of stressed me out last night when I pinned.

On my third pin of my first cycle (500mg a week of test e) so I’m still a noob drawing and pinning anyways I had an issue drawing from the vial last night

I pulled back to 1 ML before injecting into vial then I pushed needle into vial and pushed the whatever it’s called to push all the air in then I pulled back to 1 ML like usually and waited (drawing with smaller needle that’s all I have right now) finally it filled up from 1 ML to the top line so I pulled out and there was a big air bubble or space so I pushed the air out like I usually do but when I did this the line of liquid when from 1 ML to .8 ML idk if I still got the full 1 ML or what or if it was .8 ML hopefully someone understands what I am saying and maybe someone can link a video of how to draw because that’s the hardest part for me right now and basically my question is did I still get 1 ML of liquid yesterday in my pin

no you got .8 the 1 ml line is the 1 ml line.


Basically what @thejuiceman said. The oil needs to be up to the 1 mL line to get 1 mL of fluid.

You will need to go past the 1 mL mark to get enough oil in the syringe and also be able to push the air in the syringe out. Even if they are 1 mL syringes, you can pull past the 1 mL mark.

Ohhhh okay this makes sense now thank you so my first three pins have probably been underdosed, I pinned last night my third pin could I go ahead and pin .2 or .4 right now to balance out my levels or should I just wait for the next pin

Depending on what kind of syringe and needle you’re using you got between 0.7-0.8ml of oil. Some (most) syringes account for the dead space in the needle and barrel tip, but a few don’t. Draw to 1ml if you need 1ml. Period.

Just wait. You won’t know the difference at all.

Cool thanks

Order yourself some 18 g needles. Drawing is super easy and it keeps your injection needle sharp

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I remember worrying about things like that before :smile:

Probably you got .8 yeah, doesnt matter much but if ur really bothered by it just pin another .2 or .3, so you have peace of mind, lol.

By the way are you using 1ML syringes? to draw 1ML? Much handier if you use 2 or 3ml syringes, so you have some extra space when drawing.

If you’re using 3ml syringes: When you’re done drawing and after you pull out the needle from the vial pull the plunger to the 2ml line and see if the oil reaches the 1ml line; then you’ll know you have 1ml or not.