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Post what other places are doing and how we can help. We know Red Cross is helping ppl get to other domes. But what next? Who else? Share more links as you find them.


Local Witnesses Organize to Help
Victims of Hurricane Katrina

UNITED STATES?Representatives of Jehovah?s Witnesses were cooperating with local authorities yesterday afternoon to assess the needs of their fellow worshippers and others victimized by the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina.

Initial reports indicate that Witnesses who sought refuge in the Superdome in New Orleans are now being evacuated to the Astrodome in Houston, Texas, some 350 miles away. Some Witnesses who are residents of New Orleans and surrounding areas were not in the city because they were attending a Witness convention in Beaumont, Texas, when the hurricane made landfall. By that Sunday afternoon, arrangements were made for all of them to be accommodated in the homes of their fellow worshippers in the Beaumont and Houston areas until they can return home.

Witnesses across the United States were moved to offer their services, donations, and/or materials to those needing assistance. A relief committee is being set up to coordinate these matters once a clearer picture of the extent of the damage is available.

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in an email from the Buddhist Peace Fellowship:

Emergency Aid Organizations:

American Red Cross www.redcross.org

America?s Second Harvest: The Nation?s Food Bank Network 800-344-8070 www.secondharvest.org

American Friends Service Committee www.donatefast.com/donate/index.cfm?id=afcrisis

Other Ways to Help:

If you have housing to offer (or if you are seeking housing), look at Craig’s List New Orleans: http://neworleans.craigslist.org/hhh/

[Craigs List also maintains forums for Baton Rouge, Houston, Jackson, Mobile, and Pensacola]

or visit MoveOn.org’s Hurricane Housing page: www.hurricanehousing.org/

They have set up a zip code just for the astrodome complex in order to accept packages for refugees.

You are able to send the package just " general delivery" and they will give the items to whoever needs them.
You are able to send the package to a specific person if you know they are there.
You are able to send the package marked " children 0-12 mos " " nursing mothers" etc. if you would like.

The address is:

General Delivery ( or name/group here )
Houston, Texas 77230

find out about local orgs in the region that will need help with longer term recovery efforts:

The United Way has established a Hurricane Katrina Resource Guide that serves as a quick reference about the relief effort. It will be updated daily as new information becomes available.

Click on the links under donations to see what is needed and where it can be sent.