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Help. Doctors, Anyone? No One Will Give Me a Blood Test

As the title states I’m wanting a blood test to figure out my hormones. I believe I’ve suffered from low T since getting kicked in balls in my teens and received a vericose vein… NOW I have had a severe concussion and about half of brain injury patients have hormone issues from pituitary being knocked around.

My physician would rather see me get brain surgery than give me a freakin blood test. Can anyone tell me what doctor to call? Ive tried physicians, endocrinologist, urologist, etc. they all want me to have a Dr. order the test! It’s an endless cycle.

Sorry for the bitching and ranting but this has been frustrating me for a long time and wanted to see if someone would give me a link to a similar thread or sticky. i’ve honestly lost my attention span for the day. Concussions suck the big one! I’m 24 by the way.

Insurance to blame again, you have to give your doctor a soecific reason to test , impotence, lack of intrest, if you say i jusy want ti test it they wont.
Just study what the trt commercials say .

Strongmanjoe, lol I’ve given the following scientifically backed reasons, this is why I don’t get it:

  • Vericole vein on left nut
  • Testicular Shrinkage
  • Lack of interest, no sex drive, no energy, fatigue
  • Concussion (half of people experience hormonal issues that don’t become apparant for a couple months after the injury, which is where I’m at)
  • On top of all that I have enlarged ventricles in my brain, something that I may have had since birth or somehting the concussion caused… I’m lucky to be alive let alone fully recovered just about. The enlarged ventricles have a few research articles and controlled experiments showing a correlation between large ventricles and delay in sexual maturation.

I’ll go in there to the Dr. more firm this time. Im at the point where I’ll raise hell like im raging on cocaine.

YOU NEED A NEW DOCTOR, your have several precursors to low testosterone, i had a freeking cardiovascular surgeon told me that after my Pulmonary embolism, he said that low test could of very well caused it.
Some doctors are stuck in old ways , they think you are trying to get testosterone and using them while they are handing out opiates like candy, are you in America.

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Go get your own blood work drawn from Discount Labs. Just google them. They have a TRT panel that covers what you need. No doctor order needed in most states.

PrivateMD labs - Google it. They also send out emails with 15% off any lab work test.

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Low thyroid function has most of the same symptoms as low-T. So you might have both problems and double the trouble.
Have you been getting iodine from iodized salt or vitamins that list iodine+selenium?
Are your outer eyebrows sparse?
Dry skin or brittle nails?
Feel cold easily?

Doctors are the problem, all over the world. National health systems make a mess of things with restrictions and by making doctors into robots that say no.

We need to know where you are.

Endocrinologists and urologists are the worst. You need to read the stickies and know more than the idiot doctors. You need to actively manage your own hormone care and cannot be passive.


You can eval overall thyroid temperature by checking to see if low as per the thyroid basics sticky. This can be more informative than thyroid labs.

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F*ck the doctors! Get your own blood test. Do it today!

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Ok going to read those links, Thank you!

Everything else aside is it cheaper and faster results to do it myself through one of the 3rd party people?

Regardless if I have hormone problems or not?

I feel like I would be paying for a couple handfuls of doctor visits because they would be drawing blood to test for different things each time I go, whereas doing it through the mail or website I can get everything at once and then take those results to a doctor.

Also, Im in Charlotte, NC

If insurance not paying, doing labs yourself is way cheaper.

LEF.org / products / blood work is another option, but only makes sense with a membership.

You will not need to repeat all of those labs in the future.

Your body temperatures may indicate that you do not need to do thyroid tests TSH, fT3, fT4

You should be able to respond to the questions in my post quickly.

Your prior PCT may be the problem. There is an HPTA restart sticky here that may be of interest.

KSman I was looking do you have anything about the basics sticky for women like you do men? posted if so sorry if i missed it i’m not seeing it.


KSMan, I saw you posted on some of my past threads about cycling. I want to clarify I have not done a cycle yet.

I have done hgh peptides for 4 week cycles, 2 dnp 1 week cycles, but no test cycles or anything like that.

My eyebrows are somewhat sparse on outside but not until you said that did I notice.
No dry skin
No brittle nails
Dandruff, yes. But that is a different issue and probably unrelated.

I do have insurance. I have not had the chance to look at stickies you posted but I will this evening… In the mean time I will respond to posts on this.

When I was going to get my first lab work done, my doctor told me that my visit was 50 dollars and the lab was going be 170 AFTER insurance. I asked and looked around an found PrivateMDLabs. Same test she was going to run only cost me 65 bucks. Before I did it, I asked her and she said that she and insurance would accept it.

A few women have come here via google and I have assisted.

I have helped a few women in real life. One gal here was long term for her then her hubby.

Women start to have progesterone decline in their 30’s, similar to how women and men have DHEA decline. Progesterone balances estrogens. As progesterone drops, women become estrogen dominant, leading to painful periods, breast tenderness and over stimulation, thickening of endometrium, heavy periods, PMS, fibroids … I believe that most women ?all? should be using progesterone cream at some point to manage these effects and progression and that a large number of female cancers could be avoided.

Men can be guided well with lab work. Women have hormone changes by the day and there is a vast difference across women. So nothing is standard and women on HRT really need to read their condition to determine HRT dosing which needs to change during her cycle. Things can become uncontrollable in perimenopause and that can lead to a need for ablation or resection of the endometrium as blood loss can lead to anemia above and beyond loss of quality of life. Efforts to manage such heavy bleeding with larger and larger amounts of progesterone can lead to sedation which is another quality of life issue with loss of energy.

Progestins, fake progesterone drugs, inhibit the HPOA and then progesterone production is reduced. Progesterone is cardio protective and this is where warning re blood clots, heart attacks and strokes comes from. Pharmaceutical HRT has these problems. A women could use those products as they are cost and dose efficient and also use some real progesterone cream and reduce risks. In men, testosterone balances estrogens as progesterone does in women.

Women really have a lot of difficulties.


I’ve got an appointment with my general physician on Monday. I plan to list off all my symptoms, how they can be linked to hormone problems, and that I would like to double check with a hormone blood panel.

Additionally I suffer from mild depression and moderate anxiety resulting in me medicating for those symptoms… but ive read they can be symptoms of low T so I’ll bring that up as well.

I’m hoping the Dr. will take it from there, but obviously if not I’ll ask for a reference to one that will give me a blood panel and ask for the hormones listed in the stickies to be tested.

Some drugs increase E2 levels and lower T with double impact on T:E2 ratios.

Alright, going to the doc this morning… how do I get this hormone panel without being pushy ?

I’ve got lists of symptoms, what I want tested for,… not much else, my list of symptoms should speaknfornthemselves since they’ll cause Boone issues

Success!!! Got blood drawn for

Thyroid stuff

He said this will tell me if I have any abnormalities before doing more tests!

I’ll post up results in this thread

If TT, FT are low for your age, you then test LH/FSH to see if pituitary is involved, then if so, test prolactin to see if that is the cause of low LH/FSH.

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Ok!!! My test is LOW. 24 years old 352ng/dO range ofnthebtest was 348-1198…


Will post my full results here later, also saw my shbc was low , which from my understanding is what can carry test.