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Hey, Im fighting Candida. I have been put on this vegen diet to combat it and it really sucks. Im adding meat back in despite what this doc says and Im going to get some protein from the protein factory. My main concern is carbs. I cant have any sugar, starches, white pasta or bread. Its crazy, Im shrinking by the minute. I cant even have oatmeal. How the hell am I gona get carbs and can I still make gains without much of them? 1999/oct/17/candida_treatment.htm

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Anabolic diet. You want to talk to Vain68, local resident Keto guru.

Thanks for the info. The anabolic diet seems interesting. Too bad I cant have the dairy. Perhaps I can modify it with some salads and stuff. I can have brown rice and stuff so maybe the world isnt going to end. Where the hell can I get organic meat?

"Im adding meat back in despite what this doc says " you deserve whatever happens to you. Sad but true. Why listen to a doc. when there are sooooo many people on the internet?

Why? The doc is a nutritionist. Number 2 he is a complete vegan. He does not advocate or believe in any other protein other than from vegtable sources. Im inclined to believe its a personal choice of his rather than it being detrimental to me. Im also going with free range chicken to avoid antibiotics in meat and such. I have lost 7 pounds in 2 weeks and Im now under weight even for me. I feel terrible and I have no energy. Now, did you actually have something positive to contribute because I can do without the flame.

FLAME?? Tell me where in your post you say that the doc. is a vegan nutritionist?? so I’ll ask you this, why don’t you go and get a second opinion?

What about soy protein? You can get some really good soy based protein shakes now, also tofu I think has a moderate amount of carbs in addition to the protein. I try to buy organic everything as much as possible. I am in LA and there is a great healthfood store chain here that carries many different kinds of organic meat(beef and lamb from new zealand are really good, and supposedly NZ has the strictest standards in the world, for both how food animals are raised, what they are fed, and how they are ultimately processed.) Also, I have found several different types of flourless/wheatless breads and pasta. I eat alot of oatmeal, but from time to time I make hot porridge from barley, or a grain called quinoa (keen-wa), I mix in some cinnamin and some kind of toasted nut, and a little vanilla nd it is really good. You can also do the same thing with brown rice, add about an extra 1/2 cup of liquid or so depending on what consistency you like, and you can try replacing some of the water with vanilla soy milk for added decadence.


SOY??? Are you nuts? Soy is bad for you. Haven’t you learned anything from this site???

JohnnyBlaze: Oh, by the way, since I recognize your name, you do know that a “Ghost Rider” flick is currently in development? just a note…

Awright, more important things. First of all, if you don't trust your doc, go get a second opinion. Second, don't, whatever you do, don't resort to soy protein. Third, have you checked out Surge? Wouldn't that be a good source of carbs? Have you checked out any MRPs'?

Of course, the first thing to do is to go get a second opinion from another doc.

news flash, 99% of doctors know jack shit about nutrition…they study about 2 weeks of a 6 year degree on nutrition.

for nutrition advice…go to a dietician?, and even then be prepared for some funky advice (food pyramid type stuff)

okay, okay, I have been properly educated since that soy post…

Ok, rev. Perhaps I jumped on you in defense. I have sought second opinions from other nutritionist and Holistic healers. They all through the vegan speech down your throat and claim you cannot be healed otherwise. Medical doctors dont really reconize Candida and think your nuts when you go in there talking of it. My options at this point are to add meat and see how I feel. I can also get protein from the protein factory without the sugars.

You all have been very helpful. I cant have mrp’s or surge because of the sugar. Candida is a zero sugar diet. I ordered a lab kit from a web site that you send to a lab with a stool sample and they test for yeast and parasites If you want. This should get me on the right road. I will find a way to keep lifting. Thanks.

I did at search on Candida because I didn´t had a clue what it is.
Most of the sites I did get hold of is provegetarian and has ads for clensing and stuff…
Is it anyone who have a link to a site which gives a more proffesinal opinion on what it is or is someone willing to give me some kind of explanation ?

I’m also fighting candida. However, the program I’m on has a diet with lots of meat and eggs. Take a look at my nutritional doctor’s site :

z_bumbi, try

Bill - This guy is mega expensive. Are you getting good results?

Am I getting good results with Dr. Biamonte ?
It’s too early to tell.
But I’m impressed that candida seems to be his main passion and he appears to be fairly scientific in the program he’s developed over the years. Some of the herbal formulas he’s prepared seem more effective than the one’s included in his program that come from elsewhere.