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Help..Diet and What Workout?

Hey Guys,
Just want to say, Im new here so be gentle :D…

I was on a different Body building forum, But it seemed pretty lame, So im here for some advice, people on here look pretty straight forward and if they dont like your s–t they tell you :D…

Been lifting a short while now,
Well on and off a couple years but never took it seriously,
Finally decided to do this, properly…I wanna gain some mass,

Can someone please comment on my Macros and Diet to see that it seems okay?

Im 26 Years Old,
Height: 5’5
Weight: 170 lbs

Im generally quite lean, I would say about 15% BF,
My lifts are not too bad, thought nothing compared to some of you guys,

I not done Benchpress for a while, but on Dumb bell press i am pushing the 90lbs for 3 sets of 3 reps last week,

Squat: 265 x 5 Reps x 3 Sets (Still feel like I can do heavier)
Deadlift: 305 x 5 Reps x 3 Sets (I think i can push this more also)

Im still “Getting to know myself” in what I can lift…

Im studying again also so my daily activity is nothing intense,

These are Macros I calculated;

Calories: 3071

Protein: 217g
Fat: 76g
Carbs: 371g

My Diet Mostly Consists of:

3 Whole Eggs
3 Egg Whites
3 Pieces Brown Bread
250ml of Low Fat Milk

2nd Snack
Weight Gain Shake (This will be something like Mutant Mass, Food at my college is s**t)

Lunch (Depends if im at home or college, if if at home gonna be some chicken and brown pasta)

3rd Snack:
Weight Gain Shake (Home made Shake, Natty PB, Oats, Milk, Bannana etc)
Weight gain too expensive to use ALWAYS, I prefer to make own

Chicken and Brown Pasta


Chicken and white pasta

Thats my diet in a nutshell,
I will adjust itso it hits my macros

Let me know if this all looks okay please guys :slight_smile:
And give me advice :D…

In regards to the workout,

I have been doing Layne Nortons PHAT , though im wondering is this just a “Fad”, I hear good things about Wendlers 5/3/1 , and you can add some Hyper trophy assistance exercises to help with mass gains,

I been having Okay progress in terms on gains on my lifts with the PHAT but i lately felt weaker in some lifts (Mind you i have not de loaded yet),

Am i worth going to Wendlers 5/3/1? or just having a De-load and rest and hitting PHAT again?

Look forward to hearing from everyone :D…


I don’t think you know the definition of “fad”. PHAT’s a template, just like 531 is. Pick what you like better or what you intuitively feel will work better. Sorry for the short response, but there’s nothing else to say.

And here’s how you can tell if you’re diet is workable.

Is it taking you to your goals? Yes or no?

Does it follow some rational outline for your goals (eg, appropriate caloric and macronutrient content)? Yes or no?

Macros look about right for your size (maybe another 500 calories if strength gains aren’t coming). As far as training, you’re on the right track with choosing programs that incorporate both heavy compound lifts an lighter isolation work. People have good success with both routines, so you really can’t go wrong with either one. I personally prefer something in the middle of the two. I like that Laynes routine has a higher frequency but I’m not crazy about how high the volume is. For 531, I like that it focuses on one big lift per workout but I don’t love the lowered frequency. I always gravitate to either a push legs pull, or chest/back, legs/abs, shoulders/arms split (incorporating both heavy and light lifts and hitting each muscle once every 4 or 5 days). Check out some of “Modok” and “Cephilac_Carnage” old threads for some world class training advice.