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Help Diagnose My Biceps Injury


OK, so I went to begin my lift yesterday and before I start, I notice my right bicep is disfigured. I have no idea what happened or when. There is virtually no pain associated with it, just a pinch right at the spot during peak contraction with no resistance, and a pinch throughout the range of motion when under load. I wouldn't even call it pain, just discomfort. Mild local bruising as well.

Talked to my Athletic Trainer at the school I teach at and first guess was biceps tendon rupture, with proximal long head tendon being the most likely just because it's most common, but she noted that I should have significant pain and possibly limited ROM if that were the case. I'm going to have the orthopedic look at it, but I thought I would throw it out in front of you guys to see if it looked like anything anyone of you had seen before.

The pics don't do it justice, it's pretty freaky - as in the pics, it looks as if there were an invisible band horizontally across both heads. Let me know what you think!


Could just be a tear to the fascial connections at the biceps or a mid-belly muscle tear. From the looks of it, I can't think of anything else besides a tear to that biceps or the supporting fascia. As long as you have no pain or limited performance, I wouldn't be overly concerned with it.