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Help Developing My Training Philosophy



I've recently been on stronglifts 5x5 and made some good gains but following an injury and some time out I feel lost for direction and am unsure of how I should be training. The main problem is that I don't have specific goals. I can tell you my goals aren't looks, power/olympic lifting or professional sports. The only concrete thing I can say is I might take up MMA.

Having said all that, I've made big improvements (lost 8and a half stone of fat ((18.5 - 10 stone)), and then added 2 stone of (mostly!) muscle.

What I am trying to do is develop my fitness in the most generic, adaptable, all-round sense possible. To illustrate what I'm talking about, I want to prepare for a hypothetical scenario where by I'm partaking in a mystery competition, over a month, where I wouldn't know what I would have to do - could be anything! I'm also thinking of entering Tough Guy in Janruary! Maybe also thinking of things along the lines of Marine fitness? Just a sort of 'prepared fpr anything', or maybe just so I can say I can do anything hardcore/awesome and have a good chance or doing well.

The only thing that's concrete in my diary is a (grueling!) 2 and a half hour game of five a-side on a Sunday(stop-start, and generally acknowledged that I cover more distance than most guys on the team).
Is it possible to prepare for things like this?

Whilst obviously it would make sense to prepare by doing long runs etc., but given that I'm nearly 23 is it more wise to spend a year or so on pure strength whilst I have the largest amount of testostrone etc, with the idea that I can train less explosively in my late-twenties?

What would you suggest I do ? - In addition to football, I have between 1 and 3 extra days avaliable to train, but given I don't know if it's 1,2 or 3 days, it would be good if I can come up with a training plan that can be scaled to fit into however many days I have avaliable.

My stats if relevent:
Squat 5x5 - 250lbs
Deadlift 5x5 - 210lbs
Shoulder Press 5x5 - 80lbs
Chin ups - 5x5 (no extra weight)_
Height: 5 foot 10
Age: 22/23
Weight 12 stone (168lbs - about 75kg)

I'd really appreciate any help in coming up with a method of training so I feel like I know where I'm going again!



crossfit will get you better at crossfit


Do you not think there is any cross over?


5/3/1-North of the Vag template


Follow a very basic strength program as the core of your training, i.e. 5x5/ 531/ starting strength, etc. Then add in "mad $hit" as the accessory exercises, including as wide a range as possible, i.e. some circuits, strongman training, sprints, fully-clothed swimming, heavy pack runs, crossfit WODs, martial arts classes, boot camp style training, etc etc etc. Look up Alpha's Warrior Fitness workouts for inspiration.

"Whilst obviously it would make sense to prepare by doing long runs etc" Not necessarily. A well-rounded program of the specification you've given should include some long distance stuff but I wouldn't recommend doing it too often, do mostly sprint-type conditioning, then long runs just every now and then.