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Help Developing a Program for my Mom?

To give a little background 3 years ago my mom had a severe stroke, she is paralyzed on her left side. While in the hospital she received some physical therapy but it was negligible, so im her PT. Last month after her check up at the doctors and weighed her @ 150lb, she’s 5’2, the Doc says she needs to ideally lose 20lb, and she is a diabetic.

The first 2 1/2 years her physical therapy was geared to recovery but were she is at now is pretty much were she is going to stay. As far as what she can do with her left side is: open and close her hand, lift and push her leg, cant walk without assistance.

Ok onto my question, currently her workout is :
stationary bike for one minute
one arm DB OHP-10 reps,
DB laterals 5 rep
DB curls 5 reps
one arm cable rows 10 reps

She does that as a circuit for 30 min every day. I want to mix it up for her so its not so monotonous but im at a loss for what to do, any and all help would be great, also as far as diet she is dialed in now, due to the diabetes.

  1. How’s her right leg? is it fully functioning? If so, try to add some sort of squat variation: have her start standing and then let her sit on a chair, then back up, sans hands. She might need assistance for the first few times, but this should help her regain some sort of stability and build some leg muscle.

  2. Can she do stationary bike for another minute at the end of the workout? (so start and end with one minute on the bike).

  3. Can she do an extra rep for the arm movements? if yes, you could break it in to 3x2 or 2x3.

  4. How about tricep work with DB? Does your mom have that range of motion? She can build up from using DB to trying BW on a bench with a reverse push-up.

Thank you sooo much Seachel!

  1. yes her right leg is fully functional, i cant believe i did not think of having her do that. ( face palm)
    this is why i’ve asked for input on here,the several physical therapists if consulted just said " what your doing is fine, just keep doing that"

2.im sorry i was not very clear, that circuit i have her try and complete as many circuits as possible within 30 min, which averages out at about 6-7 circuits per workout.

3.i think she could we’ll have to try it out

  1. not on a bench it’ll be hell getting her on there and keeping her on…but you jogged my brain…so im thinking floor presses with the DB!

Also im thinking one arm DB deadlifts. And thank you again Seachel, the more movement variety i can find for her i can get a good program for her.

Not a problem! I understand it’s hard being limited in movements, especially for long periods of time.

Definitely try to get her to do some pistol squats, and if she has the linear mobility in her left leg, maybe some normal squats will help.

Plus, balance drills. Start with her stronger foot, then have her try to draw out the alphabet with her hands together, arms fully extended.

Awesome, thank you again for the info and you’r time :slight_smile:
Progress will be slow but i’ll post it here.

My turn to check in!

How’s your mom doing with the exercises?

Thanks For asking Seachel! She is doing good… the hardest part is her motivation…one day she will feel like “killin’ it” and some days it’s like trying to pull teeth from a cow with tweezers. When we are in the middle of walking she decides to quit and basically throws her self on the ground and says I’m done. Every time that happens I always struggle with three choices- 1)struggle to keep her upright and drag her along, making it a workout for me lol. 2)Pick her up and carry her to her Lazyboy, which is what she wants or 3) let her lay on the ground.

Everyone I’ve talked to has advised to go throuhg with one or the other of those three but it’s gotten us nowhere LOL. So I’ve learned to just go with the flow and when she is having a good day we make the most of it and when she is having a bad she just watches ALOT of TV.
I know the grace and mercy of God we can through each day,that doesn’t mitigate the difficulty of it but I know with His help we’ll persevere!

As far as exercises-
Day #1
walk 30 ft(with assistance) rest for 90 secs, 8 times
stand up from sitting in her chair without using her arms for 20 reps,2 min rest between sets for 3 sets

Day #2-Circuit-total of 30 circuits 1 min rest between circuits
Ride stationary bike for 1 min
DB overhead press 10 reps@ 15lbs
Db laterals 10 reps @ 5lbs
One arm rows 10 reps (we do these with her onto one end of a rope and me holding the other end,so I’m providing the resistance got this idea from watching a video on prison workouts lol)

Sorry for the rant but sometimes just gotta get it off my chest! I also take care of my Grandma who has Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, so between them both I’ve got my hands full lol.