Help Destroy my Moobs

[quote]Doug Adams wrote:
man you guys are pathetic ZMA? I was not born yesterday, its actually a complicated topic. My research has been a bit deeper than that.

I found that the estrogens in the digestive track are the problem and removing them can be complicated, plus certain dysbiotic flora can mimic estrogen in the system and must be eradicated.

If you want to know than give Poliquin a call cause he deals with this!

LAMEST ANSWERS IVE EVER HEARD, THIS MAGAZINE is nothing as it once was before there were pictures slammed down my face.

If you’ve known about this magazine for that long, you should’ve been able to take care of your moob problem already. Obviously a lack of commitment.[/quote]

SOme times your body changes without your preparation boss! ie from 20s to now 31. !!! shit happens things change.

you have nothing to worry about, just do a lot of cardio, drink water and you will be fine.

Doesn’t look like gyno to me.

I show u a better pic

I don’t see a problem either

No gyno there my friend just Chest fat which is a sighn of higher than normal estrogen producting easy fix maby get a good anti estrogen like Rez-V keep that diet tight and itl be gone in no time!

If you want to stay the natural root, you could try calcium d-glucarate beyond what you’ve already tried. Otherwise, I don’t know what to tell you if you don’t want to try prescription anti-estrogens or gyno surgery and training and diet’s already in line.