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Help Designing My Own Program

I was just looking for a littl ehelp on designing my new program. It was going to be lower/upper/full but dont know what to do with reps/sets. Should i keep them the same for the full upper and lower or no?

There’s like eight billion pre-written programs on here designed by professionals, and you want to design your own?


I made my own programs many time mixing bits of knowldge from “here and there”…
Man,it was a bad move and so much time wasted for very little results in a whole year.
Don’t make the same mistake

upper/lower/full makes very little sense

since your are still a beginner and thus have much to learn, it would be best for you to use a program designed by someone who knew what he was doing

one should do around 25-50 total reps per muscle group, more reps per set (~10-12) are better for pure structural hypertrophy (size/mass gains), fewer reps per set (3-5), and thus more weight, are better for strength gains

great beginner program with lots of information :

Guide to Novice Barbell Training, aka RIPPETOE-STARTING STRENGTH

make sure to read up on diet/nutrition as well

While I think you are on the right track, designing your own far surpasses using cookie cutter bullshit, if you are a beginner it is best to use prewritten stuff.

Find something prewritten that you think you’d like. Do it for a while and see how your body responds. After you get some time in under your belt, begin to experiment with changes until you learn how to train yourself.

good luck


Read that and then read it again. Then think about it while doing another program written for beginners (like Rippetoe’s). Then put together your own after you figure out what exercises you like, respond to etc.

Then do YOUR program after you have some experience.

you OP, what’s up, I don’t know if you remember me, but I was the kid talking about T-Nation with you at the GNC in Woburn, how’ve you’ve been? What’s your stats, etc?