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Help Designing Cutting Cycle

hi all, new to the board but need advice! I’m 5’11 235 15%bf looking to cut. I have:

hgh (first thing with fasted cardio)
tren hex
tren ace
tri-test (ace,prop,phenylprop)
test e

could someone help design a cycle?

much thanks

maybe a background will help…I’m not a newbie, 43, been at this a long time. I started this journey at 273 1 year ago. Only thing ive taken is test over that year. Ive never done a cutting cycle before. My diet is on point but i dont want to lose any muscle going forward on the diet.

I have an idea of what to do just thought you guys might be able to guide me here.

hows this look?
tri test 100mg e3d
tren ace 25 mg e3d
tren e 100mg e4d
tbol 50 mg day
proviron 50mg day
clen 25mcg ed
t3 12mcg day (very sensitive to this)
hgh 3.5iu first thing with cardio

all for 6 weeks then i’ll go back on trt