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Help Designing an Upper/Lower Split


Ok, so have been doing 3x a week body part splits, and fullbodies the last couple years, but now I want to try a UPPER LOWER split. I need help because I dont know what excersises would do this the best, I mean it seems crazy to me working the entire upper body in 1 single session.

I know ill be doing upper and lower 2x a week but its alot different than what im used to since I usually do bodypart splits whre im hitting each muscle with 3-4 excerises.

I have had people say to do:

bb Curls

AB work

Monday/thursday= UPPER

Seems like it may be overtraing? Yet not enough per muscle? Dam i lost, help a newb out!


please spell right next time


More than thinking about what muscles to workout (like bodypart splits), I like to think more in terms of the movements. For instance, for your upper body: Vertical Push (push press), Horizontal Pull (rows), and etc. The lower body:Quad dominant(Squat), Hip dominant (deadlift). I like to incorporate different kinds of movement.

In a upper/lower split compared to a bodypart split, it seems like there needs to be a lot more exercises b/c one session needs to hit half of your body (upper or lower), BUT just keep in mind that you'll be doing each session 2X a week rather than 1X a week. Plus, you could also use different (but simliar) exercises in each of the 2 upper & lower session per week.

I'm on an upper/lower split right now and this is how mine looks like:

Flat BB bench press
DB Rows

Push Press
Weighted Chin-Ups
(Superset the 2)

Weighted Dips
Cable Rope Rows to the neck (this exercise is in Charles Poliquin's article about 5 best back workouts)
(Superset the 2)

Back Squat
Conventional Powerlifting Deadlift
Bulgarian Split Squats
AB circuit (I usually put 3 exercises and circuit them)

DB Flat Bench Press
Pedlay Rows

DB Incline Bench Press
Weighted Pull-Ups
(Superset the 2)

t-bar rows
(Superset the 2...just in case you didn't know, I kinda like supersets)

Front Squat
Romanian Deadlift
DB Swings
Ab Circuit (3 exercises, but different from the ones on Tuesday)

I hope this gives you some idea of what to incorporate in your upper/lower split

P.S.-if you feel that you can't recover fast enough from your sessions then I suggest:

A)suck it up and continue on (eventually you won't get sore from this b/c your body will adjust)
B) alter your training (ex's-give more time for recovery like Lower=Tues/SATURDAY, change exercises, change rest period among other factors that come into play) and then slowly make it more difficult by reducing recovery days, harder exercises, less rest periods among others

I personally like option A b/c I feel that it makes you stronger both physically and mentally, but I'm no professional (just stating my opinon)

Hope this helped you in your search for upper/lower splits...G'luck dude!


look at Eric Cressey's "Maximum Strength" book. He uses a Upper/Lower body split for 4 days/week routine. Great mix of exercises and loading parameters to avoid overtraining (read this week's mythbuster article) about overtraining. If you eat and rest sufficiently you won't be overtrained. Best of luck with it.


Move the curls to the lower day
Do some pullups and shoulder presses on upper day

Oh yea, I went there.


I would like to see that article....


Yes, this help alot! thanks for taking the time!


Speaking of Upper and Lower body split I just started sth similar to that... To be a bit more specific:

Monday: Lower body. Reps range 5-8 (relatively heavy stuff )
1. 3 sets of back squats
2. 3 sets of step ups
1. 3 sets of Bulgarian Split Squat
2. 3 sets on hams machine (yeah, I know)
1. 3 sets of Calf-raises with barebell
2. 3 sets on calves machine
1. 3 sets of Weighted Swiss ball crunches
2. 3 sets of plank- minimum 35 secs each

Sprints in the park as well as 3 sets of the shuttle exercise followed by short shooting practice [soccer]

Upper body. It's my light day so I do a 10-12 reps routine

1. 3 sets of Incline DBell Bench Press
2. 3 sets of Machine Flies
1. 1 set of Pull Ups [I stop just before reaching failure, which is usually around my 12th rep but on a good day might rep out 16 )
2. 1 set of Chin Ups
3. 2 sets of Dbell Row
4. 2 sets on Lat Pull down machine
1. 3 sets of Dbbell Shoulder Press
2. 3 sets of Lat Raises
1. 2 sets of dbell alternating curls
2. 1 set of barebell reverse curls
3. 2 sets of biceps curls on the Incline Bench
1. 3 sets of Dips
2. 3 sets of Triceps Pressdown


2 hours of soccer


Lower body 10-16 reps (this shit hurts!)
1. 3 sets of Bbell Jump Squats
2. 3 sets of Squats
1. 3 sets of Reverse Lunges
2. 3 sets of Bulgarian Split Squats
1. 3 sets of Dbbell calf-raises
2. 3 sets on the calf machine
1. 3 sets of Oblique twists
2. 3 sets of Reverse Crunch.

And finally, Saturday:

Upper body: 5-8 reps
1. 3 sets of Bbell Bench Press
2. 3 sets of inclince Dbbel Bench press
1. 1 set of weighted Pull ups
2. 3 sets of Deadlift
3. 2 sets of T-bar row
1. 3 sets of Dbell or Bbell Shoulder Press
2. 2 sets of Upright Rows
3. 1 set of Dbbel front raises
1. 3 sets of Bbell Curls
2. 2 sets of Reverse Dbbell Curls
1. 3 sets of weighted dips
2. 3 sets of Triceps extensions

45 minutes of soccer in a local 5-a-side league...

I think I will cut out few exercises as the volume is pretty heavy... Any suggestions?

Or maybe I am just being wimpy? lol