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Help Designing a Difficult Program


If you are asking me I love sprints, swimming, farmers walk, and WODs!

Basically anything that has you sucking air lol


Yeah man there is no such thing as true balance. Just balance your pressing with pulling and your squatting with hinging and it’s all good. But I wouldn’t even waste time doing clean Pulls unless you are doing Olympic lifts. If you are not doing clean Pulls with speed with at least 300lbs I don’t think there is much benefit. Better to run and jump (different types) and play a sport to round out the athleticism.

Plus trust me 200 Rows, heavy deadlifts, moderate RDL and heavy to moderate front squats will be PLENTY for back work!


Thanks again for the help. I’m looking forward to getting after this. I’ve considered starting s training log on here but I’m not sure I have the T-Nation clout to bother.


A log will be one of the best things you do. It will keep you accountable and tracking workouts. It will show you where you are screwing up and where you are improving.

Plus with the community here it’s a good place to get input.

I have ZERO clout on TNation and I still have a log. With me all you got was a guy that would switch programs every week and ask annoying questions. But once I decided to listen to strong people here I finally got strong!

I know you can do it man. I believe in you!


I messed up my left shoulder back when I was in high school, I must have dislocated it about 10 times and the doctors said they wanted to do surgery (which I didn’t go for, thankfully). Right now I have no shoulder issues and I’m close to a 400lb bench, I benched 390 on Monday. What you need to do is lots of small shoulder exercises with light weights, bands are good too. Various band pull aparts, side raises, internal/external rotations (internal rotations are more important if you can’t bench), face pulls, and stuff like that. Sets of 12-25 are what you should aim for, don’t do too much in any one workout but you can do this 3-4 times a week because your shoulder muscles recover fast.

As far as benching, if you have been advised by some sort of professional not to bench then it might be better not to do it for now. Once you do get back into it, the first thing you need to do is keep your shoulder blades retracted the whole time, not doing that puts a ton of strain on your shoulder joint. Also consider using a close-ish grip, that is easier on the shoulders. And at first maybe just bench with dumbbells, there were times before I got into PL that my shoulder was bugging me and it hurt to bench with a barbell but dumbbells were fine. If you can use a swiss bar or football bar that would probably help too.