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Help Deciding on Routine

Hey everyone, this is my first post here on t nation

I have looked to this website for many answers throughout the past couple of years and have finally gotten to where I am needing a bit of guidance.

My background is mainly this, I started lifting because of football in freshman year of high school, started off with all mobility, agility, and flexibility drills for the first year or so, eventually working my way into weights. Unknowingly stumbling into a very good olympic weightlifting program. we mainly focused on the clean (less focus on the jerk), snatch, back squat, front squat, and a multitude of other leg back and core dominant exercises. I did this all the way up until after my senior year of football. Unfortunately at the time I did not realize what I was doing by taking time off from such a great program, but i took the next 6 months off, graduated high school and moved on to college. the summer going into my freshman year I got back into lifting but without an adequate gym for olympic lifting. I did not know anything else but that so I started with some bodybuilding garbage that worked for a bit but quickly did not suit my needs. I started doing a lot of research and tested a few method but I have been following mainly Westside styled DE/ME movements to increase the big 3 for the past year and a half, but i have missed my roots in olympic lifting.

What I am looking for: I am trying to find a routine where I can incorporate my olympic lifts with a mainly leg dominant routine ( Smolov, Texas Method), I am really wanting to focus on my lower body lifs. Just now finishing the Ed Coan deadlift routine and having great success increasing my deadlift 60lbs to 510 I am missing squatting often and want to increase my squat now. I would prefer a 4 day a week program high or low volume does not matter to me. My nutrition is good i sleep at least 8 hrs every night, injury free, and can really stomach a good deal of intensity in a program, so don’t hold back on me if theres something crazy out there I have not found yet

Any responses would be greatly appreciated, and let me know what worked for you

Thanks T-Nation

If you got such good results from Ed Coan’s Deadlift program, you might want to also just try all his training in general. He has a squat/bench/press/normal deadlifting protocol that is basically guaranteed to add at least 30 pounds every 12 weeks.

If you are trying to get your squat up really fast though, I have heard that the right Sheiko Programming (#29->#37->#37->#37->#32) can basically get your squat up 25-30 pounds a month; and that Smolov base mesocycle alone has been known to add 30-45 pounds in 3 weeks if you survive haha.