Help Deciding on Bench Shirt

good grief. titan single ply briefs $25 here: just scroll halfway down the page

single ply inzer power pants 35 bucks here:

call elite. they can get you the singly ply viking birefs

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daraz wrote:
And I can’t find any on the titan website, but I see some on the inzer website.

These? Only 20$?

Those Inzer groove briefs pretty much suck. If you want single ply briefs, go with the Titan single ply briefs. On Tian gear, your best bet is probabaly to order form one of their distributors. (I forgot lifter who runs this one) and Pricilla Ribic ( both carry Titan and they ship much faster that Titan does. [/quote]

Mike and Teale Adelmann run I’ve never got anything but great service off them.

I have a pair of Titan Dual Quad Centurion briefs two sizes larger than my suit and I really like them for training in every now and again.

Good advice has already been given to you above. To add, you truly don’t have time to learn the groove of your gear. In fact if your meet is in two weeks I seriously doubt your gear would even get to you in time. Having said that if you ever plan to compete again you might as well look at getting some gear. Speaking as someone who has used a lot of Inzer stuff over the years, its a decent place to start.

Realize though the carryover is very much less than some of the stuff offered by Titan, Frantz and Metal. I have the benefit of living in the same city as Brent Mikesell and Priscilla Ribic. Brent is obviously a Inzer guy and Priscilla a titan gal. So I can’t and won’t tell you buy this or don’t buy that. I’ve used a little of everything and it all sort of has good and bad. They are both huge advocates of having the necessary raw strength first and foremost. Once that is established though you must train in your gear to extract maximum benefit.

So maybe not this first push pull meet but here on afterwards once you decide what you will wear use it periodically so you can learn it, just don’t use it all the time during training.

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Monopoly19 wrote:
Hey Crew,

I have had good experience with Metal gear. I will go out on a limb and say the metal ace briefs are bar none the best on the market.

I use them to pull in as well, they offer some good support on my hips.

I have no clue on a shirt. I would advise starting off with a single ply however, maybe the IPF metal shirt, or the Titan’s seem to be very strong from what I have read.

Good luck, keep us posted.


Thanks Monopoly! Once I have more time to get used to the equipment I really want the Metal IPF line. Thanks again for the support and advice![/quote]

Just one point to make – if the fed you will be lifting in later does not allow briefs of any type then I would not waste my money on them now. Any IPF affiliate does not allow groove briefs, legged or not.


Thanks guys for suggestions. I definitely will look into it!

For an IPF lifter briefs don’t make sense, once your in the thick of things look into obtaining a used shirt/suit a couple sizes to big and cycle it into your training, it will save your hips and get you used to suited work without all the hassle of tight gear. I wear a 40 Centurion Dual Quad NXG Super+ in competition but wear an old Centurion NXG size 44 in training.

With only 2 weeks to go I would bag the shirt…Not enough time to get used to the groove. As far as bench shirt I like the open back dbl phenom. I know that alot of upa and ipa guys has made the switch from denim. The phenom for me is a more forgiving shirt and if you get out of the groove a little all is not lost. With a rage-x and fury if you are a little out of the groove forget it as the properties are more like a denim especially the rage-x…man my shoulders hurt for weeks after having that thing on.

Hey all thanks so much for your input! My push/pull meet is April 12th so I was counting the time it would take to get the gear in when I said 2 weeks.

I decided to just enter in raw even though I will be going against people lifting in gear. With this first meet I want to see how I handle the pressure of lifting in front of a crowd and making sure my lifts are clean.

It will also give me a chance to save up for some good gear for the future. I’ll more than likely go the Metal route as I’ve heard nothing but great things about them.

Haha maybe the deadlift will be the great equalizer for me since it’s just a push/pull meet and I’ll be able to make up some ground on others totals there.

Thanks again for all the advice!

Hey man Crew, good luck!

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Hey man Crew, good luck![/quote]

Thanks man! I’m excited to see how I stand-up to the pressure. Haha been a while since I’ve done a solo sport!