Help Deal With An Ass

I need some advice on how to deal with a bigtime asshole. I recently won an auction on ebay and I failed to pay on time because of a death in my family so I made arrangements with the seller to pay at a later date but due to the extenuating circumstances I forgot about the new deadline to pay. Low and behold I open my email yesterday and discover this:
----- Original Message -----
From: Tooly Joy

Sent: Friday, July 02, 2004 10:43 PM
Subject: Your a loser

Your about as worthless as they fucking come. White trash cant afford to pay for a $27.00 auction. Anybody else die lately. Collection agency here we come.

My response was the following:
One more thing I have saved these emails and I will if necessary take legal action against you for harassment and slander you are liable for what you say and write and I have the proof so lawsuit here we come.

So I received the following reponse back:
Go fuck yourself. Oh your wife probably does that to you with a strap on dildo

A few hrs later I was washing my truck when my wife called me into the house and had me listen to a voicemail left on our machine which went like this: Hi (insert my name) I want to suck your balls and I want to fuck you again. It was said in a sarcastic gay tone. I know it was this seller harassing me because he has my phone number which was provided to him by ebay.

My wife found out that the number that called my house was from a calling card I have since notified ebay of this seller’s behavior and I also notified his email carrier of the emails he sent. I’m just grateful that my young sons did not hear this message.

So how would you deal with this asshole?

That guy is a real asshole. For one, no collection agency would ever take a case for $27.00. They would only make like 10 bucks. Two, since you never got what you bid on, I don’t see how he would have any case against you anyways. The only thing that could happen to you is that you get a bad buyer rating on e-bay.

I think you already said you contacted e-bay and the guys e-mail provider, so that is good. I would ask e-bay what your responsibility is to this asshole.

If he harasses you anymore, figure out where he lives and let the T-Nation take care of him.

Pay him.

While his response was inappropriate, you did not deal very well with him!

You were going to pay him on two different occasions and missed both of them. Do you think this guy should be happy with you?

Simply send him the money that you owe him and forget it. Next time keep your word and you will not have to listen to someone go off on you.

(I know you had a legitimate problem the first time, but the second time you should have paid him.)

A: I would pay him ASAP, and let him know you’re going to. It’s not clear from your post whether you received your goods, but I’ll assume you did. If so, you have a moral obligation to keep your end of the deal.

B: I would keep a record of every harassing e-mail, phone call, drive-by shooting, etc., and find out what legal recourse you have. I would think, at the very least, you could get him booted off of ebay.

In any case, you should make every effort to keep the moral (and legal) high ground here, IMHO.

Pay him!!! What the hell is wrong with you. I’d be pissed as hell at you too for promising you’re going to pay on 2 different occassions and then not do it. What the f*** do you expect? No sympathy over here…

Randman it’s one thing to be pissed but there are proper channels to follow thru ebay. You don’t call someone’s home and tell them you want to suck their balls and fuck them especially when I have children.

To those who asked if I got my goods the answer is no and I would have been willing to pay had I not received that first email with the name calling oh and hasn’t anyone here lost an immediate family member? Shit happens and I had other priorities to take care of like my family oh and here’s another email I just got from him in response to the above email:
go ahead cocksucker I will do the same, just look what you wrote in the subject. Beside the point it is not harassment or slander its just the truth. And what the fuck does someone dying have anything to do with paying for the auction you won. Tell the electric or phone company you cant pay your bills because someone in your family died. see what they say. I hope it was a slow death LOL

while under all circumstances, no matter how sensitive they were, anything that you owe on will care an a-hole less of what hell you’ve been through. even if you were serving a tour in Iraq. money has no sympathy.

To quote Henry Hill in Goodfellas on guys who make excuses…

“Fuck you, Pay me.”

Well, however stressful your life has been, you can either stand on principles and deal with ongoing nonsense or you can sack up, pay and get on with your life.

What has this got to do with us?

?? taking legal action ? ?? ? ? slander? ??/

why dont you just pay him, and maybe pay him an extra $10 for taking so long.

this guy has a right to be mad, but he could have gone thru the proper chanels and not just snap, for $27.00 he could have reminded you of your obligation in a less drastic way.
but you do owe him.

Maybe you should pay up and seal the deal.

Ebay is rife with fraud, and just because you had an excuse to slack off doesn’t mean you sound better than a scammer. You may know there actually was a death in your family, but why the hell should he believe you’re not BSing him? It sounds like that reality show Airline, where every jackass who shows up drunk 15 minutes after their flight left gets all pissed and claims they’re heading to a funeral.

He’s pissed because you’re ripping him off. I agree that he’s an ass to act like that, but you started it… he may be so sick of people flaking off and waiting forever for Ebay channels to resolve it that he just blew it. I mean seriously, getting all indignant that the guy’s calling you names when you’re holding back money??? And come on, what’s the deal with “I would have been willing to pay” when you DIDN’T FUCKING PAY?? TWICE!!


To all those who say to pay this jerkoff why should I pay for something that he no longer even has? The items I bid on have been auctioned off already! Would you pay for something that you are not even going to get?

LOL, if you won’t get the item, of course there is no point in paying now. Your best course of action now is to NOT get uptight and to NOT respond to this loser with complaints about his behavior.

Either apologize and/or ignore the dufus and eventually it will go away…

To everyone saying “pay” this dude you’re all crazy. As if you’d pay this wanker even if he had the goods still.

Imagine if a family member died and you hear things like “I hope it was a slow death LOL”. Man I would go ape at him for that. Not much you can do though so forget it.

You could write him back and apologize for missing the second payment, and offer to pay his listing costs for having to relist the item. If the item sold for less than you were going to pay for it, offer to give him the difference.

sorry to hear of your loss.

but you need to PAY HIM !!!

Don’t bid on something you had no intention of buying. The guy had given you a few opportunities to pay up.

People like you give honest ebay’rs a BAD name.



i’ll be seeing this issue on an episode of Judge Judy.

Dunno…after the things he’s saying about the lost relative he should be glad you don’t find out where he lives and burn his f***** house down!!

On the other hand, it wouldn’t come this far if you just pay the guy on time… but what’s his problem…for 23 bucks you don’t call somebody’s house…that’s just sad.