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HELP! Deadlift Form Check


300x5 form check


This is my last set of the day (65, 75, 85% x 5). Two cycles ago I got 315x8, then last cycle 325x6 all on my 5/3/1 day but I feel like this was a grinder. I've felt slower/weaker for 3 straight weeks but only doing deads. I'm 6'1" 214-216.

My split is Monday-bench, Tuesday-deadlift, Thursday-OHP and Saturday-Squat. My assistance staples for deadlift are deficit deads, dumbbell rows and farmers walks. If anyone could see any weaknesses and or form breakdowns it'd be much appreciated.


Hard to tell based on that video but your form looks pretty good overall. I think you'd benefit, though, from focussing more on locking out using your glutes. Try to use your glutes to drive your hips to the bar as soon as you're above knee level. It's easier to do this if you keep your chin tucked; I find cocking the head up like that makes one want to lockout by going into spinal hyperextension, which ultimately unnecessarily increases the ROM.


So keep my chin down as if I was kind if making a double chin and drive my glutes thru the bar....thanks!


Yeah, I mean you don't need to focus so hard on double-chinning, just try to keep a straight line between the top of your head and the tip of your tailbone.

I used to have the same issue (probably still do at times) but felt that doing a lot of kettlebell/dumbbell swings really helped engrain the hip hinge pattern, which requires a ton of glute action and a neutral spine. That really helped my deadlift technique.


your legs lock out first and you let the bar get way out in front of you. Like pause the video right after the bar leaves the ground. your hips shot straight up and you're basically stiff legging it.


The first rep was a mess, not even sure how to explain it, but then your form gets better on following reps. i paused it at one point, and your legs were straight, and your upper body was exactly paralle to the floor, like your about to do a BB row. try pausing the second vid, right when your legs are straight, and see I had a similsr problem of straightening my legs first, I had a coach fix this by having me deadlift off a box, seated believe it or not, hard to explain on line.

I think you should try some touch and go reps, ''starting from the top'', staying real tight, and being aware of your form, just as you touch the floor. I'v seen this work real well, becuse most people lower the weight with better form than they lift, just a sugestion, you'll probably get alot more as well. Some heavy pin squats, 3/4 depth, from right where your hips are during deads, seen this work as well. I don't know, takes alot of guts to put your shit out there to be judged, thats how ya get there. I'm sure some strong guys will weigh in. Goodluck


You need to start with your feet on the ground; it looks like you're starting standing on the wall.


You are 100% correct....do you think hips going up to fast is flexibility/mobility or what


ya...that first rep lol but touch and go is definitely a possibility. I used to do them all the time but got to be real slow off the floor.


hey buddy, wasn't so much talking about touch and go reps, as I was lowering the weight to the floor, and being aware of your form. i think if you lowered the weight right to the floor, slow and tight, it would give you an idea of how to do the reverse. it makes sense in my head. LOL


That is actually a really good idea lol


If your starting to understand what I`m thinking, you need to get back to school !


Competitions require, feet flat on floor, no arc keep back flat on bench, most don't set up right, there is a good article on TNation about the set up. Can help add strength to your press.


I think the biggest issue just has to do with the head positioning. If you look a bit more downward to get more of a neutral head position, that should help fix the rest of the issues. After that gets sorted out I would work on getting the lats tighter. There are plenty of articles out there about that part. Focusing on getting my lats locked in was one of the keys in me finally hitting a 500 deadlift last month.


Thank you, should just looking a few feet in front of the bar do it?


I usually look around like 5 or 6 ft in front of me when pulling, if I had to guess. I would experiment a bit. That's how I settled on where I look now. When I look a bit closer or a bit farther away, I notice a big difference. So I would play around with things a bit and see if anything clicks for you.