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HELP Cutting...Thanks

Ok well i jsut started my diet yesterday and Quitting smoking and its going pretty well. I eat 6 or 7 meals a day around 300 calories. IM taking about 50 mg’s of ephedra a day. I work in an office so i dont do much during the day except eat and drink coffee.

I ingest under a hundred grams of carbs mostly oatmeal and wholegrains a day and not much fat mostly protein. I dont know the exact numbers. MY total calorie in take is around 1800.

I take 10 grams of fish oil a day. i take novladex also becuase i got off a cycle of m1t recently. i take 20mg’s a day. I do full body workouts every other day with around 30 minutes of swimming and some walking on the other days.

I’ve read that walking in the morning before eating is a good way to lose weight so i think im going to start doing that with in a few day.

MY weight is 206. Im 6’1"Im not sure what my body fat is somewhere around 14. I wanna lose at least fiffteen pounds. Is there anything i can do to promote more weight lose while preserving my LBM. AM i eating enough? Am i eating to much? IS there any supplements that would help? does CLA work i keep reading conflicting things about it?

THanks, jay P.S. IF you need more info about what im doing workouts, exact diet etc. PM me.

More info please. diet training etc…

I think 1800 calories is very low for a man, especially as a starting point. If you start higher, you can always cut back.

And you did it 1 day, and you can already say it’s going well? I think that’s a little to early to say. And I hope you’re not making too drastic changes by dieting and quitting smoking at the same time.

Yeah i have already heard that i eat too little so i have put my calories at around 2500. I eat only legumes, chicken protein powder, vegtables. I get at least 300 grams of protein a day. I bench, deadlift, squat, Shoulder press, and add in some arm work it depends on the day. Quitting smoking lowers your metablosim so its best to diet when you quit. Im also on zyban which helps. any tips on other things i should eat or tips on other training i should od would be greatly appreicated. thanks

get off epedrine the stuff sucks it makes you burnt out dumb and unhealty its so 90’s

[quote]jjay wrote:
get off epedrine the stuff sucks it makes you burnt out dumb and unhealty its so 90’s[/quote]

Is this a jjoke?

i dont think ephedra makes you dumb… it doesnt make me burnout It doesnt even make me edgy… or give me that much energy Im not taking rediclous amount 50 mgs through out the day is nothing that like taking a couple sudafeds…chill out tough guy

Still would be nice to know what you eat and how you train but from the foods listed id say your lacking fat big time. Good choice on bringing the intake up.

I eat eggs and olive oil, nuts, peanut butter.

[quote]budlight1 wrote:
I eat eggs and olive oil, nuts, peanut butter.[/quote]

Yet you eat little fat, mostly protein?

It was said i dont eat enough fat.I didnt mean i jsut ate that stuff i meant for fat i eat a little bit of that so i have fats in my diet. you need to take some reading comprehension classes or some shit.

No I/we mean details as in WHAT DO YOU EAT, give of a daily sample something you are consistant with as in meal 1 =, meal 2 =. same with training sets rest load etc.

Its very hard to give any help with little to know info. its like you are in a sense coming on saying I eat food, is that good and enough.