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Help Cutting Test E 300 with Grapeseed Oil

Running 1st cycle Test E only. 4 weeks in now and the pip has not gotten any better despite what I think is top tier pin technique.

When I pin, there is absolutely no pain. However 36 to 48 hours later and the area near the injection site but not the injection site itself hurts. After much research, I am thinking my issue is that the Test E 300mg/ml I have is too concentrated for the oil and so the oil absorbs over time and leaves crystalline test e in my muscle causing irritation.

To remedy this I bought sterile grapeseed oil to dilute the concentration. My question is, Is it really as simple as just drawing some grapeseed oil into the syringe and then drawing test e (basically mixing them in the syringe by swirling and using a hair dryer) or are there other factors I’m totally missing?

I’m pretty positive the gear is not dirty as no infections, no fevers, and looks clear in the vial. It does cause some swelling and what feels like a knot in the muscle. It’s very painful in the muscle 2 days later and continues to hurt for another 2-3 days. Also fairly certain it’s not due to BA or BB concentrations as the pain doesn’t come on quickly enough. Within 1st 12 hours no pain at all, after that it increases slowly until I hit around the 36 hour mark, by then it’s really painful and worsens the next day.

How bad is the paint and where are you pinning? I still get the knots in my quads often, to the point i cant bend my knee to where my ham touches my calve. I still train legs during this though and it isnt too bad after I warm up. Rolling my quads can be a bitch though.

The other guys here might be able to give you advice on cutting your gear down but personally I wouldnt go fucking with it, if you dont do it right you will be in a lot more pain then a bit of pip.

Yes, if its already sterile just draw equal oil in syringe and you’ll be golden.

I have same concentrated test e 300mg/ml but i only inject half ml, even that cause soo much pip.

I have tried glutes, and quads. The pain in the quads is too much to try to work through. It’s literally crippling pain. The glutes I can get away with still doing legs days but it’s nonetheless quite brutal. I know the gear is crashing in the muscle days after and that’s not a good thing so I have to do something about it. Before cutting it with grapeseed oiI, I may try pinning 0.42 and 0.42 ml in two different spots and see if pinning less at a time in a single muscle helps, but if not then I have to cut it. I’m fairly positive I’m okay but would rather ask and see what other feedback I get. I’ve purchased .22 syringe filters with 10ml syringes and 20ga needle in addition to fresh sterile vials. I’m think of filtering everything one last time but not sure if this is needed at all.

Good to know as I was considering pinning 0.42 in two different spots to see what that will feel like. Pinning twice for one dose is a bit annoying though

How do you know its crashing in the muscle? My test e is 250mg/ml so I find it hard to believe an extra 50mg/ml would make a hell of a lot of difference. I could be wrong though of course.

They make 500mg concentrations and they do not crash in the muscle. That’s absolutely not what’s happening. You’re having pain because the brewer used more solvent to keep the hormone stable in the oil. You can mix it with GSO as you said and it will reduce the pain. But there’s a right way to do it and then there’s six other ways. I’d advise doing it the right way.


Hence my initial post which asks if it really is as simple as just adding sterile grapeseed oil in the proper ratios. Mind answering rather than just telling me there is a right and wrong way to do it. That bits fairly obvious.

Good to know that a concentration as high as 500 doesn’t crash. From what i’ve read on BA and BB concentrations, when that has been the cause of pain (aka bad receipe) the pain comes on a lot quicker and by quicker I mean within 12 hours. That much has been fairly constant through what I’ve researched. My pain increases gradually and is hardly even noticeable before 12 - 24 hours after that it gets much worse quickly. This lines up with the fact that the oil could be absorbing quicker than than the hormone which would leave a deposit over time as oil absorbs. Hence the irritation and pip i get days after pinning.

Regardless what is a safe way to cut test e with grape seed oil, or am I just better off ordering different test entirely.

I’m thinking thats the cause because of the timing of the pain. The pain I’m feeling lines up with crystalline hormone being left in the muscle once the oil has absorbed. Then over time the test gets absorbed and pain subsides. If that’s not the problem then I’m really not sure what is going on. I don’t know what else would result in delayed pain like that.

To be honest man the time line you suggest is the same as mine, and I know mine is just pip. I pin, no pain or blood, first 12 hours fine then gets a little sore and worse upto the 36 hours mark. I pinned tuesday morning 7am and it’s now 11am Thursday morning and it’s still pretty bloody sore.
It’s hard to tell what pain someone else is feeling as everyone’s pain tolerance is different.
I know this is not very helpful but if it doesnt get better soon just do your GSO cut and see if that changes anything.
Is this your first cycle?


So you need a sterile vial (or two or however many you need for the amount of gear you have), a .22mu filter, and you’re probably good to go. It’s easier to filter it into a new vial rather than trying to mix within the current vial.

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Yeah 1st cycle middle of week 4, maybe it is just pip, frankly I hope it is. Just I’ve been told the body adapts and gets used to it, but my last couple pins right quad and left glute have been the worst. I might try pinning less in 2 different spots tomorrow to see if that helps, if not then I will cut it, and if I have any issues there, then I already have test from another source on the way just in case.

Noted, items ordered, and much appreciated.

Last question hopefully lol. I have all materials now but wanted to make sure maths correct. Taking my 10ml vial of test 300mg/ml… so 3000mg in the vial and mixing with another 2ml of grapeseed oil will result in 12mls of test e 250mg/ml?

Assuming you haven’t already drawn product out of the 10ml vial the answer is yes.

3000/12=250. Yes.

To the OP, I’m having the exact same symptoms. Did this workout for you?

Yes, I drew test e, then drew grapeseed oil into the syringe after. Heat, swirl, pin. I had no issues once doing that. Though disclaimer I eventually got new gear cause distributor verified the batch I had prior was causing others problems as well. The new batch was same concentration and no pip. Also of note when I put too much grapeseed oil into the syringe relative to test e, the mix was thick because my seed oil was thick. Made it hard to get through a 25ga if I used too much seed oil.

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