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help, cut or bulk

Hello, I need some advice. I am 6’, 189 and I have been bulking for a long time. i am a classic ectomorph, I find it hard to put weight on but fat loss is a walk in the park. My problem is I am not sure if now is the time to cut up or continue bulking. My bodyfat is 16.6%(caliper), so quite high, and the fat is mainly around the waist, the abs are gone. If I carry on bulking I would certainly add some fat along the way and my bf% would go even higher. I think it was poliquin who said you cant remove fat cells, only shrink them. But since I am way off my size goals would there be any point in cutting the fat off now only to put it on when I resume bulking again? I have tried MAG10 and put 5 pounds on in three weeks. Please could you nice chaps offer your suggestions? cheers, jimmy.

Drop the fat first, if you try to bulk up you’ll just get more fat cells & have more to lose when you decide to cut up.

I’ve been in a similar boat most of my life. I know that it sucks to hear this, but you should lose the fat NOW and then worry about adding the size. Cut your body fat to at least 12% or if you can wait long enough, I would try to get down within a percent or two of your optimal body fat percentage. Once you get there, use short cycle 3-6 of bulking, followed by a period of time where you drop down again within a few percent of your optimal body comp. I would try to at least drop to 10% and then avoid going above 12%.

I meant to say short bulking cycles lasting 3-6 weeks and then cut down to desired body fat. This allows for muscle gain and minimal time spent dieting, which I get tired of very quickly.

I agree with the others who have replied. Unless you are in dire need of gaining weight by a certain deadline, there is little point in trying to add more weight right now. You should realize that 10 pounds of real, contractile muscle takes much more time to grow than a few weeks. With that said, you should also take into account that you have recently put on some muscle, and that your body will probably be less likely to grow at an accelerated rate now than compared to say, a month down the road.

thats great, thanks. I have been thinking about my cutting phase and I am interested to know what you all have used to preserve the muscle tissue while dieting. I was thinking about methoxy7 and androsol at 70 sprays once per day, I also have a good supply of vitex stocked up. I think this should do it and I may have some left over for my next cuting cycle. What combinations of supplements have you guys had success with for this goal? thanks again, Jimmy.

Save your money and use Methoxy for a while and then switch to androsol. They are both very potent supplements and losing body fat needs to be your priority now rather than holding on to every single pound of muscle. You can have fun and add the muscle later.

put the weight on,if cutting up is easy for you…make sure you do not gain so much as that dieting/cutting is going to be a chore.if your bodyfat goes above 18%then stop and reevaluate what you are doing but with the proper nutrition you should be ok…if it helps put 2 25-30 min cardio sessions in on an off day…
good luck