Help Critique My Routine Please

Hey guys,N00b here looking for some routine suggestions

my goals are to Gain as much size and Strength as i can.

So far this is what i have

Monday-Upper Body
Bench Press 3 sets of 8
Incline Db press 3 sets of 8
Wide Grip Chinups 3 sets of 8
Lat pull down OR Bent over barbell rows (i was doing the bents before but had trouble doing Honest form)
Military Press 3 sets of 8

Tuesday Low body
Sqauts 3 of 8
Deadlifts 3 of 8
Leg Press 3 of 8
Sitting leg curls 3 of 8 (dont like this one at all, it needs to change, maybe Lunges perhaps?)


Thrusday-Upper body again (same as above)

Friday-Low body again (same as above)


Ez curls 3 of 8
Hammer curls 3 of 8
Tricep extensions with ez bar
Abs routine as provided by CT’s ab traning for athletes and babehounds…

everything will be done with 90 seconds rest, except both Bench press, Squats and Deadlifts which will be 120 seconds rest

Please give me your thoughts on the plan i have laid out


i think this would work better…
im actually following a similar split

the letters mean that after you perform a1 you would then perform a2 and then back to a1 for all 3 sets…

Monday-Upper Body
A1. Bench Press 3 sets of 8
A2. machine row or seated cable row 3 sets of 8
B1. Incline Db press 3 sets of 8
B2. Wide Grip Chinups 3 sets of 8
C1. dips 3-4 sets of 8-10
C2. hammer curls 3-4 sets of 8-10

Tuesday Low body
A. Squats 3 of 8
B. Deadlifts 3 of 8
C1. Leg Press 3-4 sets of 8
C2. leg curls 3-4 sets of 8

CT’s staggered ab training during the C sets, which is basically doing ab work after each set…

wed- off

Thursday-Upper body
all 3-4 sets of 8
A1. Incline bench
A2. 1 arm db row on bench
B1. military press
B2. lat pulldown
C1. ez curl
C2. tricep extensions with ez bar

Friday-Lower body
A. front squat 3 sets of 8
B. snatch grip deadlift or romanian deadlift
C1. dumbbell single leg split squat or step up
C2. back extension(use glutes to raise yourself up)

CT’s staggered ab training during C sets, which is basically doing ab work after each set…

sat and sunday- off

try to add 1 more rep, set, or more weight each week…you have to make progressions to get bigger and stronger…but this doesnt mean to pile on weights you cant handle too early and sacrifice form…adding 1 more rep with solid form is an equally impressive improvement…

read CT’s nutrition for newbies articles as well…

good luck with whatever routine you choose…

thanks man, im going to give that routine some heavey consideration, i really like the way its layed out and the fact it gives me 3 rest days which i know is optimal,

hows your routine workking for you?
as it so happens i think ive read everything CT has published here recently, and ive learned shitloads from it, my nutrition and supplementation follows most everything he preaches.

The off days are not optional. They are key to your recovery. In your initial suggestion you had an arm workout on Sunday, just before your upperbody day. If you add in something like that you will sabotage any gains. Muscle is built during recovery. Your workout provides the overload and then your body needs time for the adaptation to take place. No recovery=No Gains.

I agree with stuward here, your arms day on Sunday (the day before Upper body) would be better placed on Saturday (after legs day) to give your arms a day to recover before hitting the upper body again.

What D PUblic suggested looks good, but i would vary the rep/set scheme (3x8 one workout, and 6x4 the next, or 3x8 and 8x3).

you guys are right, im going to do something to fix the arms day/rest problem…

I would split your squats and deadlifts. Since you have two lower body days, I’d concentrate on Squats one day and Deadlifts the other day.

If you are set on doing both exercises on the same days, at least swap up the priority and do Squats first one day, and Deadlifts first the other day.

Alot of similar muscles get worked with both exercises, and if you are pushing yourself hard with big compound movements (which you should) then the second one done in the same day will suffer because you’ve pre-fatigued your legs.

yeah i thought that might be an issue too, ahah i need some time to think about all this

so what do you guys think of this completly revised plan, i stole this from CT in Novagregs Physique Clinic thread

Monday Chest/tris
Bench press
Incline Bench Press
Triceps extensions with ez bar

Tuesday Rest

Some sort of rows
Ez Curls
Hammer Curls

Back Squat
some other squat variation
Leg Press
Military Press
another shoulder exercize…suggestions?


Saturday- Low back/Hamstrings
another deadlift variation
Leg Curls

Sunday either rest or Ab training, havent decided yet…

how does that look?

CT’s stolen plan is good, but if your priority is growth, rest on sundays.

Edit: and I forgot, more than any tweaks to your program, if you’re a noob your gains will come through consistency, eating, and lifting heavier things. Don’t expect to gain 10lb of muscles in a month. 2-3lb is more likely to happen, and if you haven’t gained anything in 3-4 months (no weight, size or strength), then re-evaluate what you’re doing, but blaming the program (given that it’s good, like the one you’ve settled on) is usually the last possible culprit.

yeah irealize the body can only add at most .50 pounds of muscle perweek

id be completely stoked if i gained 10 pounds of muscle by mid June

and im not a complete n00b, i got alot of my newbie gains already, however im still experiencing them on some exercizes, like deadlifts

and i think for now i will rest on sundays, itll be easier and itll make my Surge last longer