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Help Critique My Friend's Routine


My co-worker has started a new workout routine and he asked me to check it out for him to make sure he wasn't screwing himself up with it. I've taken a look and haven't found any major issues with it. I would like some more opinions though as I don't have as much knowledge as some of the guys around here do. Thanks!

Day 1 - Upper Body

A1) Pullups: 4 x 12

A2) Neutral grip dumbbell bench: 4 x 6-8

B1) Dumbbell Rows: 4 x 6

B2) Dips: 4 x 12

C1) Seated external rotations: 3 x 8-10 each arm

C2) Planks: 3 x 60 seconds

Day 2 - Lower Body

A) Goblet Squats: 4 x 8 (he is new to squatting so these will teach him the proper mechanics of it)

B) Reverse Dumbbell Lunge: 3 x 8

C) Romanian deadlifts: 3 x 8

D) 45 degree hyperextensions: 4 x 10 (emphasis on squeezing the glutes at the top and not hyper extending the lumbar region)

E) Standing palloff press: 3 x 15 seconds each side

Day 3 - Upper Body

A1) T-bar row: 4 x 6

A2) Neutral grip dumbbell shoulder press (one arm at a time): 4x8

B1) Chin-ups: 3 x 10-12

B2) Close-grip bench: 3 x 8

C1) Face pulls: 3 x 12

C2) Reverse crunches: 3 x 12

Day 4 - Lower Body

A) Deadlift: 6 x 4

B) Bulgarian split-squat: 3 x 8

C) Swiss ball leg curl: 3 x 8

D) Dumbbell swings: 3 x 25

E) Ab rollouts: 3 x 8-10


Its looks okay and I dont think he will be injured following it and if he is a beginner he should expect
gains from any routine that isnt retarded and the routine you posted did not look retarded as far as I can
see. Only thing that could improve it, would be to add a overhead press variation.

Good luck to your friend btw :slight_smile:


What is his training background? Why do you think this is a good routine for him, and why does he think its a good routine?


The only training background he has is cross fit style workouts on and off. He has done lots of bodyweight exercises being from the Marines and has good conditioning.

He has a bad left shoulder and says it hurts him to do most vertical pressing exercises hence they there isn't a lot of overhead pressing except the neutral-grip db shoulder presses which are safer on the shoulders.

I think this will be better than what he's done in the past because it is more structured and can be programmed unlike most cross-fit workouts.