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Help Creating Powerlifting Program


Plan to compete in a comp in July. The meet is set up with NZPF which belong to the IPF. I am going to be competing raw. I managed to place 1st in my category last year which really motivated me to do more comps.

Stats at the last comp:

Deadlift : 207.5 kg

Squat : 160 kg

Bench :115 kg

I followed a typical sheiko #29 programming word for word for 4 weeks before competing in this last comp. I have been training for 3 1/2 years now DRUG FREE(would like to keep it that way), and i love this sport

For the past 8weeks I have been following a bodybuilding split with some plyometrics worked into it, trying to get my Vertical Height up. i have also started University again this year and fulltime work and i dont really have time for long workout sessions which im used to.

With no access to 24/7 gyms around here aswell makes it really hard to train.

I just wanted to know am i the only one in this boat, or do you know / have a template /articles /log of how i can split up my workouts specifically related to Powerlifting?



I work 7-4, coach from 4-7:30 (and sometimes am traveling) and still manage to get my workouts in after this. If you're at a university, manage your time better as you'll have more time there then you ever will in the real world. My gym closes at 10 and I can still manage to get all my lifts in under 90 minutes. Westside can be done relatively quick, especially outside the ME/DE movements.


yeah man i know what you mean, But literally only get 45 mins. i work 11am - 7:30 pm most of the week, Uni on most days pretty much the whole day, and in the morning i do daily chores (cooking/laundry/cleaning,etc). The gym I train at closes at 9pm.

but yeah il probably just split up a westside program and work it in throughout the 6 days i can train. I will post up my training plan as soon as i finish training tonight.


If I had that schedule I would get up at 6 and eat. Spend 3 hours getting all your chorse done (I'm hoping that's enough time to do laundry and cook). Eat again sometime between 8 and 9. Go to the gym and workout. Eat again post workout right before work. Go to work and make sure to eat sporadically throughout the day. Come home at 7 and be in bed by 10-11. You get 7-8 hours sleep.




All sets are done to 2-3 reps short of failure, unless stated.

Warm Up:

20kg plate Twists
Side Bends

Underhand Pulldowns
Incline Pronated Rows
Incline Rotations

Day 1a.

Front Squat 4x10
Olympic Leg Press 4x10
Romanian Deadlifts week1.@ 60% 4x8 week2.@70% 4x8 week3. 4x8 @85% 7x3

Day 1b.

Barbell Curls 3x10
DB Curls twist (eccentric down) 4x10
CloseGrip Floor Press 6x6 failure

Day 2

Barbell Box Squat 4x6 @70%
Goodmornings 3x12
Big Box Jumps 5x4
Farmers Walks 3x20meters
BB Shrugs 4x8

Tuesday Day 3

Incline DB Bench 4x 12
Flat Barbell Press Feet up 5x6 75 %
Decline Flyes 4x12

Day 4a.
Close Grip Pulldowns 4x10
Yates Rows 4x10
Kroc Rows 3x8

Day 4b.
Decline SkullCrushers 3x10
V-Pushdowns 4x15
Preacher Curls 6x6 failure

Day 5

Cleans From the Floor 6x3
Seated DB Shoulder Press 4x8
Lateral Raises 3x10


Have you looked at 5/3/1? I am currently doing it and not only does it work, but the entire workout does not take more then an hour. You can find it on this web site and there is a book about it.


I have to agree with this guy.

I have found that 5/3/1 can easily be done in 45 minutes. It's simple, flexible, and is a great all-around program.


Yeah iv given 5/3/1 program a go in the past, but iv found that im too pussy or maybe i wasnt eating enough, and i felt my nervous system crashed when id enter the 2nd cycle.

What are your thoughts on CT's Pendulum Powerlifting ?



What do you mean by your nervous system crashing?


If you are a "pussy" or "not eating enough" the program doesn't matter - you'll fail regardless.

Also, a lot can be done in 45mins. I work 65-80 hrs a week and still train 5 days and make progress. Smart planning and doing what you are supposed to be doing goes a long way. FOr example, on 5/3/1 you can have a great session in 45 mins just doing the 5/3/1 lift, a direct supplementary lift, and some accessory lift.
Stop searching ofr hte perfect program and just lift and eat. THAT is far more important than any magical "routine"


Thanks for that, i needed someone to say that. Well time to grow Some Cahones and get Planning eating and Lifting


and i meant, i felt flat..and yeah was tired all the time so yeah


Yeah man, cahones go a long way hahaha :). But in all seriousness, the less you think about training outside of the gym, and just focus on kicking some major ass while in it, the better the end result! Dead animal flesh and pasta help too :slight_smile: