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Help Creating Nutrition Plan

hey guys i just need assistance in developing a nutrition plan for optimising weight loss. Im graudually trying to reduce fat.

Basically im going to be tapering carbs and cals. Eating the majority of my carbs morning and postworkout and decreasing them as the day continues. Im going to be on three days of cals (-500 of maintance) then one day high cal day to make sure my metabolism stays boosted and my body doesn’t go into staravtion.

I’ve worked out i approximatly need 2765 cals a day. Therefore 2265-2300 should be fine in inducing a slow and gradual fat loss progression.

So lets assume im using a macronutrient ratios of 50 30 20, which i think i will divided between 6 meals a day every 2-3 hrs, means im consuming:

Cals in carbs-1333 cals a day, 188 cals per meal and 48g per meal.

Cals in protein: 680 a day, 113 cals per meal, 28 g per meal.

Cals in fat: 453 a day, 76 cals per meal, 8.3 g per meal.

now my only problem is creating the optimal 6 meals for the day based on that information, even if have a calorie bookelt im still having trouble.

Yams (or sweet potatoes)
Potatoes (white or red)
Brown Rice
Whole wheat bread and 100% whole grain products
Fresh Fruit
Low fat & non fat dairy products (yogurt, cheese, milk, etc)
Chicken or turkey breast
Egg whites (or ?egg beaters?)
Lean red meat (top round, extra lean sirloin)
Fish and shellfish
whole grain cereals.

those are the foods i basically always eat in relation to the seven habits of nutrition including post-workout shake and flax-seed oil.

Now can someone assist me in creating 6 meals each meals consisiting of protein and strarchy and/or fiborous vegies or rather point me in the direction of how i may do this most effectivly.

*Also how should i taper the carbs in the morning and post-workout.

Thanks in advance guys.

When I’m cutting up I make each meal consist of a lean protien source,such as chicken,and green vegetables.I consume carbs on my workout days.I only consume two carb meals on my day off.Good luck!

Why don’t you take a look at Dr. John Berardi’s writings?