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Help Creating 2 Days Per Week Workout


Hi Coach. I'm very exciting in your training philosophy so I wont to ask you about this workout routine. I have time only to train 2 times per week. Do you thing that from this program I will get enougth stimulation?

Monday :
A1. Overhead squat 3x 5p (const weight)
B1. High Pull 5x5 double progresion schema
C1. Flor press 5x5 double progresion schema
D1. Pull ups 3x 8-10 reps
E1. Farmers walk 5x 1 minute

Sprints / intervals

Thursday :
A1. Overhead squat 3x 5p (const weight)
B1. Deadlift 5x5 double progresion schema
C1. Military press 5x5 double progresion schema
D1. Bent over row 3x 8-10 reps
E1. Farmers walk 5x 1 minute

Friday :
Sprints / intervals


Doesn't look bad.

I don't like twice a week lifting. My main principle is a high training frequency and I do believe that more frequent training will lead to better results and that you can't compensate a lack of frequency via an increase in workload per session.

But for a by-weekly lifting schedule yours isn't bad and will give you results.

If training twice a week I would personally stick to the same exercises at both sessions, using different loading schemes both times.


Thank you very much CT for your reply.
Could you give me some advise which exercise to chose when sticking to the same exercises at both sessions? And which loading schema chose?


It depends on...

  1. Your body structure (long limbs/short torso vs. short limbs/long torso vs. balanced)

  2. Your pressing muscle dominance (shoulder dominant vs. triceps dominant vs. chest dominant)

  3. Your pulling muscle dominance (lats dominant vs. mid-back dominant vs. biceps dominant)

  4. Your lower body dominance (quads dominant vs. glutes/hams dominant)

  5. If you have some lifts that you want to bring up more

  6. Injuries



CT thank you a lot for your reply.

My only limitation is rounded schoulder that's why I do overhead squat in begining on evry workout. I want focus on power/athletic look. But I have quad dominance and also lats and biceps dominance. I also want to learn more snatch grip high pull.


I am using a 2 Day/ Week training template right now because rugby season just began. We have 3 practices and 1 game per week so I do not add in supplemental conditioning. Here's what I'm doing right now:

High-Pull: 6x3
Bench Press: 5x5, 5x10
Shoulder Press: 5x10
Lat Work: 10 sets

Hang Power Clean: 6x3
Front Squat: 5x5, 5x10
Deadlift: 5x10
Ab Work: 10 sets

Doesn't get any simpler than that...


Thanks! Workout looks interesting but not for my goals. I want to focus on Overhead squat and rounded schoulder isue also this workout seems be wery long but I like to tran max 60 minutes.


CT sorry for bothering but you mention about sticking to the same exercises at both sessions, using different loading schemes both times.
Would this template be good in my situation?

A1. Overhead squat 3x 5 reps witch te same weight
B1. Snatch grip high pull 3x 5 reps witch 110% of overhead squat ?
C1. Deadlift ?
D1. Military press ?
E1. Pull ups / Bent over row ?

I don't have any idea what the loading schema schould be? Could you help me witch that?


One more thing to consider when planning a 2-Day split: Whenever I'm only training 2 days/ week it is because I'm pressed for time. So I stick to an upper body/ lower body split to avoid needing a full-body warmup each session. It keeps my gym time focussed on training rather than warming up...


This is very good advice, Very good becous I spend a lot of time to warm up (about 15 minutes) but I don't now if this time will lower down when I split warm up for upper and lower. What is your best scheddule to warm up?
Do you think that is posible to add some Overhead squat to Upper body workout? Maybe yes but this will lead to change warm up to also consider lower body work. This is taf stuf to many goal to consider.


I just warm-up the movement patterns I'm about to do. For a lower body workout I'll do 3-4 sets of 8-10 light reps on squats. For an upper body workout I'll bench 135 for 3-4 sets of 8-10. Then I'll jump right into it...


Tahnk you for help I will folow your advice and try to train upper/lower split somthing like that :

Bench press 5x5 double progress
Bent over row 5x5 double progress
Military press 5x5 double progress
Pull ups 30 reps total

Overhead squat 5x5 double progress
Snatch grip high pull 5x5
Deadlift 5x5
Farmers walk

Any sugestions? I think this will make te role?


I think it looks pretty solid. On upper body day you have a horizontal and vertical push/pull which is how I choose to train. However, I would move explosive movements to the beginning of the workout. So on lower body day I would do high pulls first. I personally do high pulls on upper body day and power cleans on lower body day, but that's up to you.

So the only thing I would change is moving high pulls to the beginning of day 2.