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Help! Creatine Overdose?


I’m an idiot. I bought creatine today (I’m 18, in good shape), and stupidly used Tablespoons rather than teaspoons to measure my creatine.

So, in one go I ingested most likely 20-30grams of creatine (I took 2 tablespoons…) . What should I do right now? Drink a lot of water to pass it through my system? Anything in particular?

Hopefully this doesn’t do anything to my system? My stomach has been bugging me all night, and I think I’ve made a record number of trips to the washroom thus far.

Should I ingest creatine tomorrow at all?

My guess is that you’ll probably die.

Edit: You’ll be fine. Just drink some water, and relax. Sure, skip creatine tomorrow.


And I thought using teaspoons to measure my flax was a bad thing.

You only took 8 teaspoons worth in one go, which is typical of a loading phase day. You likely pissed out the excess already. I say you can get back on it tomorrow with no problems.

thanks for the info,

I’m feeling considerably better right now. Live and learn, live and learn.


Nahhhh jp! Actually if you just started taking it that is ideal. You should start a loading phase somewhere around 20-30g a day split up through the day. Then drop to 5-10g PWO.

Your “mistake” ended up helping you more than anything. Superdosing creatine is recommended for the first several days in order to load it into your system. Just be sure to drink a lot of water.

[quote]cdelozier wrote:
You likely pissed out the excess already.[/quote]

Exactly, and why I don’t do the whole superdosing the first 5-7 days.

i did the same thing in HS, and at the time even though it was loading, for my 130 lb body, it ended up making me poop water.