Help Create a Program for Hypertrophy

Alright short n sweet (ya right)

I’m trying to gain size. I work 12 hours a day on the road 3 weeks at a time with 1 week home to rest. I’ve tried training in evenings but I think it’s not healthy eating supper, working out within an hour after, eating a bunch more, then going to bed.

So I’m going to workout at 4:30-5ish AM.

Volume=hypertrophy right? I see 2 options

ROUTINE 1 (work a muscle group hard)
chest/back/legs (workout 2 days, rest the third ex: chest/back/rest/legs/chest/rest/back/legs/rest)
ROUTINE 2 (aiming for volume)
upper body day 1, lower body day 2, rest day 3

routine 1 I could really work a muscle group hard and get 3 days rest every time.
routine 2 I could work not so hard but less rest = more volume

routine 1 I could do all sorts of different variations to hit all the areas but who gives a shit if I’m “bulking” right?
routine 2 would be simple = 100 decline pushups (resistance band adjust each set)
100 chin ups one day, 100 rows the next upper body day (resistance bands to assist)
legs - 50 pistol squats
50 bulgarian split squats (resistance bands)

I’m after size, I need lots of rest because of working 12 hour days 21 days straight. Both routines = 2 days on 1 day off which I need after lots of experimenting. Do you guys think I should do routine 1 or 2? I will take any input you have, I’m getting pretty drained here lol.

BTW I’m supervising, so I work a whooooole lot less haha. Not like I’m very physical during the days.

Option 3!

Edit: I may have misread. Is your intention 30-minute workouts? If so:


absolute it is! time is my biggest issue for sure. thank you I’ll check it out

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I love it. I’ve always been a fan of push/pull days but never thought of throwing legs into there.

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This protocol is awesome and the workouts take <30 minutes 3x/week. You could do it without the Surge Workout Fuel, but it is designed to work with that nutrition protocol specifically (and it does work - personal experience).

Many guys on the forum have done this one and found it worthwhile.

Edit: FWII my profile pic was taken during this protocol with an insane pump.


Oh boy…

Respectfully, you should not be creating your own program.


lmao thanks buddy. that’s why i come to you guys! i’m enjoying that 30 minute workout, seems to be doing the trick.

You don’t get a crazy pump doing one work set, which tricks the mind into thinking it isn’t working, but as long as i’m doing it right and eating well I should put on some weight right?

If I go home after these 3 weeks and still no gained weight, I will be putting up a post for my nutrition lol


Which workout did you settle on?

Are you pushing that one working set as hard as you need to? If you are doing the workout I posted it hinges on that intensity being there and proper execution exactly as prescribed.
Also - Surge is almost a necessity to get the best pump (or, if that’s out of reach - it is a bit pricey - at least try to get a hold of some cluster dextrin or maltodextrin along with some sodium intake).

M3 Pure Muscle gave me the craziest pumps I have ever experienced (in 18+ years of lifting)…

Create a log in the “Training Logs” section. Seeing what you are doing can allow those of us wanting to help provide more tailored advice.

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Pump isn’t required for growth. Progressive Overload is, particularly when training in close proximity to failure.

My minimalist approach:

  • Train each bodypart once a week
  • 2 exercises per muscle, one heavy and one light (think shoulder press and lateral raisea for shoulders).
    *This will require experimenting with exercises on your part. Prioritize the heaviest exercise which directly targets the intended muscle.
    • Heavy exercises performed in the 6-12 rep range
    • Light exercises performed in the 12-20 rep range
  • 2 sets per exercise
  • Ideally each set would be to failure. Your form should be unquestionable such that your muscle is what fails, not your form (this applies whether you are training to failure or not)
  • Every session, you must complete more reps than you did last time. When you reach the top end of your rep range on both sets, increase weights used by 5lbs and repeat.

If you are eating properly (1g/lb BW protein, getting sufficient dietary fat (but not excess), and eating healthy - non sugary carbs) you should be watching the scale climb. Aim for 1lb/wk as any more than that will likely result in gaining too much bodyfat. Remember that bulking is eating excess calories with the intent of gaining muscle, not eating whatever the hell you want.
*If digestion is struggling to keep up with food volume, go for a 10 minute walk after every meal and keep an eye out for fiber needs.

P.S pump stuff is fine, which is why the higher rep sets are included, but it isn’t a primary growth driver. Mechanical Tension is, hence the focus on beating the logbook.

Oh, and do your heavy sets first, then your light ones. Bonus points for 30-60 second loaded stretches after hitting your pump sets (not a tool suited for beginners, do this with caution and intent).


You could just follow DoggCrapp training 3x a week, but the training sessions will be a bit longer than 30 minutes… maybe 45-60 mins. depending.

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You’ll typically get more of a pump as you get used to the program, especially when drastically changing your training volumes.

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