Help Converting Dosage: 0.75ml, 200mg/ml

I need some help converting my dosage to weekly mg. I’m pretty sure that’s how y’all are referring to your weekly/bi-weekly dosages. Here is what I’ve been taking:

Testosterone Cypionate 200 Mg/ml Intramuscular Oil
Instructions: Inject 0.75 mL every week by intramuscular route.

How many mg is that a week?

Am I thinking about this correctly?

That is 150mg per week.

1.0 mL = 200mg
0.75 mL = 150mg
0.5 mL = 100mg

You literally just multiply them together

0.75ml * 200mg/ml = 150mg

The ml’s cancel out and leave mg’s

Yes, mg is the dosage that you should be thinking in IMO.

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Don’t worry. Being on TRT helps one’s mind work better, and you’ll be able to do basic 3rd grade math.

Thanks … makes sense now.


Don’t worry too much. A lot of guys do this because their Drs talk in mLs or cc’s and not mg’s