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Help Converting .3ml to Units

I have googled the heck out of this.

Doc told me to take .3ml test twice a week.

I had insulin syringes, so I used them. The insulin syringe I used was a BD U-100. On the side, the scale goes from 0 to 50 in increments of 5.

Like an idiot, I thought maybe 30 on the syringe scale would equal .3ml

Doc said he didn’t think that was correct at my visit with him today. He said I was taking 300 units.

Can anybody help me figure out how many ml’s I was taking? I hope it was .3mls.

There are 100 insulin IU’s per ml on an insulin syringe.

If injecting hCG 1000iu/ml, 30iu on syringe would be 300iu hCG.

.3ml = “30” and that much 200mg/ml T would be 60mg.

You are much smarter then me.

So, I was injecting the correct amount after all?

I think that you were talking testosterone and doc though that you were talking hCG ???

Doc called me. He did some research. Turned out the 30 mark on the 50 scale on the insulin syringe I was using did equal .3ml after all.

So luckily I was injecting the correct amount.