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Help Controling e2

Hey all, I was on 150 mg/week test cyp (dosed 50mg 3x/week), 900 iu HCG (dosed 300 iu 3x/week) and 0.5 mg a-dex/week. My labs after 3 months were as follows:

Total test- 899 ng/dl (348-1197)
Free test - 13.3 pg/ml (9.3-26.5)
e2 (lab corp sensitive)- 15 pg/ml (3-70)

Changed dose to 175mg/week test (50mg EOD), 1050 iu/week HCG (300 iu EOD), 0.35 mg a-dex. results after 9 weeks as follows:

Total test- 656 ng/dl (348-1197)
Free test - 17.0 pg/ml (9.3-26.5)
e2 (lab corp sensitive)- 10 pg/ml (3-70)

looking to adjust dose further, any advice would be appreciated.
I am thinking of keeping HCG the same, upping test to 65mg EOD (~225 mg/wk) and stopping a-dex completely.

Will that potentially allow my estrogen to get out of control?


Looks like your body uses up T faster than normal. If those labs are with EOD dosing perhaps little more would be better. But more importantly, how are you feeling? Symptoms?

As far as E2 goes I have no idea what to make of Labcorp’s Sensitive assay. I had the sensitive and regular test done (blood drawn the same minute) with following:

E2 Sensitive: 8
E2 Regular: 25.5

Your E2 might be fine, go with how you feel. I think you are chasing numbers.

Thanks for your input, you are right I probably am using t up pretty quickly, seeing as both my ALT and AST are elevated (Both in the upper 50’s). I added cordyceps and nettle to help reduce my SHBG which was high at 65, and it cut it down to 25. Symptomatically, I feel better than I have in years so I probably am just chasing a number. My joints aren’t achy at all, have strong morning wood, high libido, etc.
Do you think dropping a-dex completely is advisable? I do notice slight decrease in strength of erections with an e2 of 10 vs e2 of 15, and very noticeable compared to e2 of 26. (26 was after clomid stim test taking 25 mg clomid per day with .5 a-dex a week) or should I reduce does further to like .2 mg/week?