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Help Constructing a Split Program

I’m hoping to make a split program lifting schedule with upper body and lower body days basically:

A. lower
b. upper
d. lower
e. rest
f. upper
g. rest
repeat. indeffinetly.

I’m looking for size gains, I’m on a bulking diet currently and would like to increase mass and size as efficiently as possible.
I’ve read “How to design a damn good program” parts 1 & 2 but theres alot of information and I’m geting a little confused.

what are in your experiences the most effective layout per day for each exercise?
Lower body days should have squats and deadlifts and cal raises, what else? upper body days should have preechers, bench, pullup, overhead, etc. what’s the most preffered/logical lifts to do for each day?

Thanks for your input and help.


Try something like this.