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Help: Coming Back After Knee Surgery

Hey guys, sorry to be a troll but I am new to the T-Nation forums. I play high school football and play fullback. I am 5’6, 200 lbs.

I am slightly worried though. I am currently recovering from a posterior meniscus tear in my right knee. I have been back into full go since last month. Before the surgery, i was running a 4.6 forty and same goes for my pro agility (5 yards, 10 yards, 5 yards)

Currently, i feel very slow. I have lost all explosion and honestly, i feel if i ran a 40 right now i would be running around a 4.8 or worse. This doesnt make sense to me, as all of my lifts have went up. Squat max increased from 475 to 550, hang clean from 245 to 300, deadlift from 525 to 600. In addition, my change of direction is horrible!

I have had lagging muscles like this before, but for no longer than 2 to 3 weeks. Going into week 5 of training, should i be concerned i have lost my speed? or should i just continue to be patient and speed will come back to me? thanks a bunch guys, let me know if there is any information you would like to know that i didn’t include!

As long as there is no pain, you’re just going to need to get a lot of sprint work in and find out. Also sounds like you don’t trust it…a lot of athletes battle that, it’s only natural