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Help Classifying Neurotype

Reading the articles, i was under the impression of being type 2, not really sure if 2A or 2B but i think 2A, so i did the braverman test, i know you dont really like it but anyway…
my results: dopamin - 25
acetylcoline - 24
gaba - 25
serotonin - 25
So how should i be classified /train?

I specially said that the Braverman test is not optimal and even flawed. For one thing it doesn’t measure noradrenaline which is the driving neurotransmitter of type 2/reward dependants

thank you for the answer coach, but if i may ask one more, this gaba result could be used to determine if i´m a 2A or 2B?
thank you for your time.

Yes definitely

sorry toi ask again but 25 gaba is high or low?
i guess low right