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Help Choosing Strength Equipment Logo


I used a logo design company to make a logo for Silverback Strength Equipment. I requested a silverback gorilla lifting an atlas stone- I sell atlas stones, 2" axles, cambered squat bars, push sleds, etc- here are the samples they sent me. I can choose one and have revisions done until I'm happy with it. Feedback appreciated.




^ This one is better than the first one.


I like the first one. Looks awesome


^ Now you are just trying to be argumentative. :slight_smile:




4, similar to the first one.


1 and #4 do not make me think of strong. #2 and #3 do.


For me the first one is the best. The stone looks really heavy. Its so heavy it compresses the text beneath it.

The second one looks like it could be interpreted as a miniature gorilla holding an orange bosuball. Stone looks very light. Now maybe that is the concept, like the gorilla is just that strong, but it seems kind of a reach. Don't they say simplicity is the hallmark of good design?

The third one the silvery ball disappears into his chest but the gorilla does look pretty badass.

4 seems perhaps humorous? Gorilla looks very cartoonish but the action of placing the stone is nice.


1 & #4 -> Says "I'm lifting a big atlas stone. Look at me, I'm the Mack Daddy of lifting heavy objects bitches."

2 -> Says "Anybody down with a pickup game of oversized basketball?"

3 - > Says "This is the 5th time I've shit from that Taco Bell last night. Somebody please shoot me and end the pain."

Sorry DJHT. I'm usually with you on 90% of your posts.


Imagine you weren't that aware of strength sports. You might see a gorilla holding a ball. The first one instantly takes me back to my very casual watching of worlds strongest man.

But seriously. 2 cents and all that. I see what you're saying.


What he said.


You should make a shirt with this picture on it and a caption that says "The only way I'll go to Crossfit."


I like #3, but only if they can make it appear more like he's grabbing the stone, and not leaning on it with his arms dangling. How to do that? Make it look like his hands are underneath it.

Although, it's not a large pic, so maybe it IS like that and I'm not seeing it.

Just my $0.02



The atlas stones do tend to look more like swiss balls in most of the images unless your audience knows what they are (some will, some won't I suspect).

What if you took this image and had the silverback loading the stone on top of the logo and the logo compressing to reflect the weight? Just the first part of the logo...the Sil or Silv.


Good idea


I would also see if they can give the stone image some texture. It looks too clean and pretty.


I like 2 and 4, in 3 it is not clear that this is a stone, it could a gorilla with a power belly, and yes, stone needs more texture-