Help Choosing/Setting Up a Full Body Routine

Hey! Im new here, i was wondering if u guys could help me setup a program, ill dhare with u background and goals

I started training seriously almost a year ago being painfully skinny. During the first few months i was able to build some decent muscle and strength using chad waterburys fbp "get big " After that i stopped being strict with my diet and messed around with fancier training methods when i probably should have sticked with the ones that were giving great results, so i wanna get back on that track!


Im still very skinny, probably weight around 63-64kg with 8-10% bf i guess. I want to take my weight to 70kg in the next year.
My goal physique would be something like kinobody’s. I would like to put a little more emphasys on the following muscle groups: upper back, upper chest, shoulders, traps and glutes. Id like to train fullbody monday wednesday and friday and make a 2 day weighted abs routine for tuesdays and fridays, for which i would also really apreciate some recomendations!!

Thanks guys!!!

Check out 5/3/1 and TBT articles.

Don’t worry about emphasizing certain muscle groups. You’re still small and if you want to be jacked one day, train hard, eat hard, and rest hard. Some of the muscle groups you might think are “lagging” really aren’t, and some of them my surprise you. For example, I had zero glutes and thought I needed to specialize. Then I did Starting Strength and got my squat and deadlift up quite a bit. My glutes are huge now and definitely don’t need focused attention, but I would have made zero progress just focusing on little parts.

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What did you weigh when you started a year ago? Also, how tall are you?

There are tons of effective programs. This is one I’m slightly biased towards, anything from Chad Waterbury is solid (like you figured out for yourself), there are tons of others. The program doesn’t matter much.

What matters is your consistency with training and eating, your overall approach to diet, and getting your mindset away from thinking you have any muscle groups that need extra attention. Like Alpinist said, everything needs work. Saying someone your size needs to emphasize upper chest is like saying Beyonce needs a Linkedin page so more people know who she is. It’s a pointless “solution” to something that’s not an issue in the first place.

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