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Help Choosing Second Cycle Please

Hey guys. Some of you may have read my post regarding PH’s, but the more I think about it and research, it seems like sticking with tried and true steroids will be more effective, simpler, and safer.

I did have some concerns about finding a source, but I have some friends I’ve known in my new location that I’ve known for a few years (they’ve moved out here before I did, but we’ve always kept in touch) and I trust them as far as their referral to a potential sources.

So, a little a brief history on myself; I’m 23 years old, 6’1" and 230 pounds currently. Right now my goals are to reduced my bodyfat a bit while slowly adding some quality size and strength. I’ve been achieving this so far with some lower carb, high protein nutrition, heavy lower-volume training, and more cardio than usual. So far happy with the progress and I think some anabolic assistance would make for a very nice result.

I did my first cycle at the very beginning of this year, which was 10 weeks of Sustanon at 500mg per week (injected 125mg EOD) with D-bol for the first 4 weeks at 30mg per day. Clomid for PCT (though that was my last choice, I had some issues with my source and the clomid was the best I could do at the time.) Anyway, my weight shot up to 250 at its highest, and pre cycle I was about 220-225, so overall (keeping in mind that I’m leaner now) I’ve kept about 10-15 pounds of what I’ve gained. My shoulders and arms specifically are a lot more filled out.

I was interested in using testosterone propionate for my next cycle, as I’d like something that kicks in quick and clears the system quick, and also because (from what I’ve read) the prop cause less water retention than other esters or blends. I’m not interested in d-bol (was too uncomfortable with the pumps and bloating), so I was thinking maybe Anavar or oral stanozolol. Again, these two have quicker clearance times from what I’ve read. I think I recall Bushy saying that Proviron would go great with the prop also, though the the metabolites are going to hang around a little longer.

I’m not really interested in other injectables other than the prop, though Parabolan could possibly be an option I suppose. My friends all love Tren and the results I’ve seen them have are awesome, but they said it really killed their cardio, which simply isn’t something I can afford to lose. Also detection time could be a concern.

Anyone have any recommendations? Also, my last cycle I ran HCG for the last 6 weeks at 250iu twice a week (if I recall) then stopped the same day as my last shot. Should run HCG the same way for my next cycle, or will it vary depending on the compounds? I also would be interested in doing a taper this time around.

I’ve already mentioned this in another thread, but the reason I’m concerned about drug detection times is because I’m an independent professional wrestler and right now I’m kind of on the cusp of possibly getting signed with WWE (in my opinion). Their policy now is that you need to pass a pre-employment drug test. I’m sure if I was signed I could have a few weeks to let anything clear my system, but I certainly wouldn’t want to have to wait a couple months or anything like that. Anyway, no I’m not trying to cheat in an actual sport if that is what anyone was thinking.


You may to do a slight bit more reading if you dont want to use tren but are considering parabolan. Since parabolan is just a longer acting tren than tren ace.

Depending on the dosage of prop per week you could add in some masteron instead of either the proviron or winstrol for its affects SBHG in the same manner. Be sure to study up on the detection times of these as its nothing I have researched anytime recently.

If detection time is such an issue then go with a cycle of suspension which I would reccomend injecting 2x/day.

How long of a cycle were you planning and what type of dosage?

Hey LilGuy, thanks for your reply.

I’m a little confused about the Parabolan since (like you said) it’s a loner acting tren, but then (supposedly) it somehow has has shorter detection time than tren acetate. In either case it is probably a slim chance I’d use it because I can’t afford to have my cardio output suffer too much with the wrestling and all.

I research the Masteron a bit more. Bushy had also suggested it to me a while back, but he also said Proviron would be an acceptable substitute if I couldn’t get the mast.

I did consider suspension, but I asked around and everyone seemed to agree it would cause more water retention than the prop. It also just sounds plain tricky with the suspension crystallizing, needing to be injected every 8 hours for optimal effect, and I also heard it is a pretty painful inject, which would suck 3 times each day. (Though to be fair I’ve read prop is painful also, seems to bother some and others it doesn’t.) I wouldn’t be against suspension if it wasn’t too painful and doesn’t blow me up like a balloon or anything.

I’m totally up in the air about how long I should cycle for. I’d prefer longer since I personally believe I have another year tops before I’ll be in the WWE developmental system and regularly drug tested, so I wanted to milk this cycle for all its worth as it could be my last. I’d also like to taper this time around though, I know that.

My best results came from 150mg of Sust EOD on my last cycle. Knowing that info, what do you think would be a good dose to start out with as far as the prop is concerned?

Thanks again!

Nothing else gets you strong like tren but nothing else is a cardio killer IMO than tren. If you rely on aerobic capacity you must avoid tren products IMO. Maybe some can get away with it; but I’m certainly not one.

Don’t put too much into the whole shorter esters cause less water retention than longer ones. Diet is key there. Injection frequency is a distant second. If you’re hitting TestE E3D versus TestProp EOD that’s not a titanic difference in terms of blood level stability.

Given your career you might want to look into a Test/EQ combo. Masteron is a very decent option for you as well.