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Help Choosing New Gear


Okay well its getting about time for me to get some new gear. I'm going into multi-ply. Now which ever brand i go with i wanna go all out with them. Bench Shirt, Briefs, Squat suit and wraps. I'm looking at Titan, Metal, and OverKill. Just wanting some feedback on everything as i am young. I have some titan gear, inzer gear and metal gear already. But I plan on buying all new gear for my move into multi-ply


Read the stickies at the top of the page. There are some really great reviews of shirts and suits by a number of different people.


Okay thanks will do


METAL. Not that Im biased. HAHAHA



I have done one workout with the Jack Briefs. My testicles are now too big for the size I ordered.


What are your lifts?


Metal. Hands down


Thanks everybody and my lifts are @220 GYM 575,435,500 COMP 500, 400, 500 all done at 17


Wow, congrats on all of those world records.


Inzer. Hands down.

Tried giving Metal a shot so many times, never worked out.


Thanks StormTheBeach i have since then turned 18 and looking to get a legit 600 squat and close to a 500 bench. I just got on powerlifting watch and emailed people about gear they had for sale.


Titan. No contest.


For Multi-Ply? Ehhhhhhhhhhhh I'm going to disagree with that


That's okay. I'm single ply. I think it just needed to be thrown in to balance things out :slight_smile:


My Titan Katana is the most uncomfortable shirt I've ever worn. A slightly too big singly ply Bash gives me as many pounds as my Katana, and feels like I'm wearing a t-shirt. What a great shirt. GO METAL.


If you ask anyone that I've squatted with, I'm the quintessential gear whore, so I like everything as tight as I can get into. I've heard good things about the overkill squat suits. I myself use the leviathan and love the canvas. I'm a wide squatter and generally keep a pretty upright posture. I've also seen guys get a ton out of ace squat suits. The briefs I've had the most luck with are metal pros underneath the leviathan. I've also tried predator briefs and they have to be the most uncomfortable brief I've ever had on...my hips were killing me with them. I've tried tight ace briefs and a lot of my training partners use them and like them but they tossed me around like a rag doll. But if you can dial them in, the weight flies up. I've heard some good things about boss briefs, but the downside is I hear they stretch out quick and feel like you're wearing sandpaper.

For shirts, I've never had luck with metal, everyone I've seen gets to about a one board and just hovers, unless you have alligator arms, it's damn near impossible to touch. The shirt I have had the most luck with is the single ply katana, it bites like a mother but the weight flies up and I get support throughout the lift.

For deadlift, depends if you're a conventional or sumo puller. For conventional I really like metal suits. For sumo, you can use your squat suit to get a ton of leverage out of it.

hope that helps.


Thanks everybody i think i got everything figured out. As i'm only 18 i'm going to stick with titan for my bench shirt some sizing help would be nice tho. I have a very tight 46 f6 and good fitting 48F6 i wanna get a double ply super f6 i was thinking a size 50 would be a good size. For squats i have a 52 metal pro squatter and 2 ply metal viking briefs size 44. I'm trying to sell them and get a pair of pro briefs. In a couple years i will go overkill until then i think all of the above will get me my 600 squat 500 bench and 550 pull


Perhaps just my opinion, but I really think you shouldn't be working huge brief+suit combinations for squat gear when your squat is less than triple bodyweight in belt wraps or at least in a single ply suit. The more base strength, the more you can get out of your suit!


Call Ken at Anderson, he can help ya with the sizing of Titan gear. He has been nothing but great to work with.