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Help Choosing Deadlift + Upper Body Program


Long story short I can't squat for a few weeks due to an injury but I can still deadlift. I'm looking for a good deadlift program for my lower body but unsure of what I should do for my upper body. I always done fullbody 5x5 before this injury and I am an intermediate lifter.

Also, there is no strength training section so I posted here but I also want to increase my press and row in addition to the big 3. If any more specific info is needed I can post. Thanks!


531-squat, train what is trainable, the man says. But not for a few weeks, try a year, add the squat when you can


Well I can't squat. But maybe I can do 531 with Deads, Bench, Press, and Rows?


Yes you could do that, but I wouldn't make rows a main movement. Stick to the DL, bench, and press.



What if I did a deadlift program and WSB for my upper lifts? Is that plausible?