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Help Choosing Back Tattoo!!


K I'm going to get an epic tattoo on my back and I mean epic the majority of my back will be covered. I am conflicted with two ideas though.

First Idea:
A Roman/spartan/greek legion soldier slaying a lion with a spear going through the lions mouth as the lion is attacking the soldier.

Second Idea:
Samson from the bible pushing the two pillars over one hand on each pillar him in the center and killing philistines and of course himself.

Any opinions on which is better any ideas? Thanks guys!


This is what you need.


How about a good drawing of a well developed set of pecs and abs. That way people won't be sure whether you're coming or going.



Or a monkey.


tramp stamp


Go for samson. A friend of mine got a HYOOGE tattoo of a greek soldier with a spear. Looks gay as hell. I laughed the first time I saw it.


I cant answer your question directly, but heres my back tattoo. so don't get this, because then mine wont be original :frowning:


I don't know why, but I found this to be the funniest thing I have read in a while!


I can dig the Samson one.

though I wouldn't trust an internet poll to decide the permanent fate of my skin...

but yeah, Samson FTW, remember that, he wasn't a "white" guy, he had his eyes put out (that can look as horrofic/awesome as you want - if his face is showing), and had regrown a significant amount of hair (and that he probably had dreads).

both cool ideas though.


I actually laughed out loud, nice one.