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Help Children Fighting Leukemia

I know I have not been around these parts in quite a while, but I am going to pull the typical “chick move” and suddenly show up when I need help.

Actually, a friend of mine needs your help. In October of last year, her son (who is/was a classmate of my daughter) was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. They were recently on the local news http://www.wfmz.com/news/Drug-shortage-leaves-child-cancer-patients-in-limbo/-/121458/8778948/-/277sr8/-/index.html in an attempt to spread awareness about a severe shortage of methotrexate; a key drug in the fight against ALL.

If anyone has the time and can go to the CureSearch site http://www.kintera.org/siteapps/advocacy/ActionItem.aspx?c=8hKOI3MFIjI2E&b=6440521&aid=517204 you will find a pre-written letter that will be sent to your local congressman and representative; alerting them of the problem and hopefully spurring a quicker call to action.

Before visiting the link, please be aware that it does ask for personal info like email and address which I know many of us are reticent to share. I have also just learned of this issue and filled out the information myself so I cannot guarantee that you will not be contacted about future actions and/or requests for donations once filling out the form. In my case, personally knowing a child who stands to benefit was reason enough for me to put those concerns aside, but I don’t expect everyone to have the same reason.

Thank you in advance to all of you who are able to help.


I’ll do my part.

Hi, SP!

Thanks IH: )
Hope you and your beautiful wife had a great V Day!

[quote]SmilingPolitely wrote:
Thanks IH: )
Hope you and your beautiful wife had a great V Day![/quote]

Thanks! We did.

I hope you and yours did, also.

If a friend of yours needs help,I’m there.

This is great!

I’m doing it!


Best of luck to your friend’s child.

Thanks 2Busy, ID and Christine.

It is strange to go from checking FB to see when my friend and I might have a free weekend to grab dinner and a drink (she’s a single mom too) to checking in for medical updates on her son.

I know she truly appreciates all of the support that she gets :slight_smile:

Update: http://www.wfmz.com/news/Life-saving-pediatric-medicine-supply-gets-surprising-boost/-/121458/8838200/-/7y1bl2z/-/index.html

Thank you to all who helped to raise awareness of this problem. Production has been kicked into high gear and it looks like the shortage crisis has been averted :slight_smile: