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Help Changing Program

No I’m not asking anyone to help me change one of the great Waterbury programs or others I have been following here for a year or so.

Rather, due to time for school I have to take a weight training course over the summer. Like I said I’ve been following programs and advice from this site so I’ve worked up my capacity and have been doing three total body workouts a week, 10x3, 3x12, 4x7 focused mainly on compound lifts.

The class I’m in now follows the Bigger, Faster, Stronger Program with my teachers input. There’s 3 main exercise days Squat, Trap Bar Dead and Bench usually Mon, Wed, Fri. (In that order which I don?t understand why not, put and upper body between the two lower body dominant movements). The reps schemes for these go 3x3 week 1, 5x5 week 2, 5-4-3-2-1 week 3 and 10-8-6 or 4-4-2 week 4. This I think would be fine to strength?

Then since this is for absolute beginers we have 3 assistance exercises on each day all done 2x10 (except jerk 2x5)

On squat day is leg curl, leg ext and lunge.

Trap Dead is Lat Pulldown, Jerk, and Straight leg Dead.

And the great assistance exercises to drive up your Bench are Bi Curl, Tri Pushdown and Chest Fly’s.

So after doing Waterbury like routines were a given day of 4x7 might look like…
A1 Pullup A2 DB Bench
B1 Good Mourning B2 Military Press
C1 One Leg Squat C2 Chin

I’m not sure I wanna go and do bench, bi curl, tri push and chest fly’s for a workout.

So what would be your advice for changing things up. A little bit lower volume would be good because I’m cutting on a t-dawg like diet, time isn?t an issue for adding extra workouts, I could do 2x a days or 7 days a week (not that that would be a great idea though). Obviously I?d prob change up the assistance exercises. Any ways this could be made westside ish (cause the main exercises are relatively heavy).

Like I said I?m trying to lose fat and also bring my strength up. I would also be interested in including clean and snatches.

Sorry I?ve noticed a common trend in my topics that what I say could easily be shortened, but I?d like ideas to add more to this lacking programs, while keeping in mind I?m in calories deficit.

ya that was to long, here to the the point version. I wanna add some stuff the the Bigger Faster Stronger Program I have to do for school.

Theses are the considerations I’ve thought of.

I. Westside-ish

Monday: Heavy Squat

Assistance Exercises we HAVE to do 2x10- Leg Curl, Leg Ext and Lunge

Wednesday: Heavy Trap Bar Dead

Assistance: Straigt leg Deadlift, Jerk (2x5) and Lat Pull (this day isn’t too bad)

Friday: Heavy Bench

Assistance: 2x10- Bi curl, Tri Pushdown and chest flyes (these assistance exercises should skyrocket by bench!)

The Heavy days rotate sets reps weekly but stay low reps…3x3, 5x5, 5-4-3-2-1, 4-4-2 and then repeat so this could be like westside max effort.

I thinking I could do tues a dynamic bench day tuesday.


DE bench
Pin Press (3x6-8)
Seated Row
Rear Delt Raises
Lying Tri Extension

Then to get some lower body supplement exercises, do you think it would be better to do like glute ham raises and RDL’s in a higher rep range later in the day of the heavy lower body stuff or do it in the PM of the heavy bench day.

Basically like heavy squat monday morning and then front squat and leg press mon night

and heavy dead wed morning and then lighter good mourning and glute ham wed night.