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Help! Caught cold/flu while on Mag-10

Started Mag-10 cycle about 11 days ago, and just caught a cold/flu. Usually never get sick, but I feel miserable (aches, pains, fever, etc.) Up til today (11/01), I had gotten good results (up 8 lbs. – mostly LBM, strength gains were immediate as well).

  1. Should I stop Mag-10 until recovered, then continue on (had 5 days left in the cycle -- Growth Surge Project). Or should I just stop the cycle now and go to Growth Surge Stage 3, ending Mag-10 cycle?
  2. Also, I used Massive Eating protocol (mostly P+C meals), and was up at 4600 kcals/day the first week. I was literally eating all the time, and it was hard. The 2nd week, I started using lots of Promax bars to fill in the calories, since I was sick of eating so often and things at work got real busy. What is the consensus opinion of this? Promax bars taste good -- lots of sugar, but that is OK when on Mag-10, right? I'm eating about 10 bars/day right now. I know, I know -- Grow! bars would be better, but they don't sell those anywhere near my house yet.
  3. Finally, I've been getting by with very little sleep, and have had to do some of the workouts from Growth Surge (2 x's/day) together (did 2 workouts at once). Also, have had to at times get by on little or no sleep, and just continue on with workouts (so I'll sometimes get 3 or 4 workouts in before I get any sleep). Results have been great, but has anyone else had to do this? Should I just extend the cycle and get some rest?

    P.S. Massive eating should be called Massive pooping! Just flushed a 10 lb. load!

...just fixing the error you are causing in the forum

I had the same thing happen to me when I took Mag 10 for the first time…4 or 5 days of big eating and hard training and just as I was starting to feel like I was getting somewhere, I got hit with some sort of cold…laid up in bed for 2 days with aches and a fever. I responded by just finishing the bottle and resuming once I felt better. Didn’t experience any results though, so i just consider it a botched experiment.

Dude, get some sleep! I’ve been running for about 32 hours straight now and there is no way in hell I’d be able to lift!!