Help: Can't Get Full Night's Sleep Without Eating

Hey everyone. 28 year old male here. I’m an ectomorph with a lightning fast metabolism. I’m three weeks into recovering from adrenal fatigue due to a cross-country road trip, poor nutrition, lack of sleep and excessive partying.

I work out three days a week. I can’t get a full night’s sleep because my body always wakes me up between 3am - 6am to eat. My alarm is typically set for 8am and I’m in bed between 12 midnight - 1am.

When I wake up at 4am or 5am, I’m completely awake. I’m ready to go. I’ll eat something and go back to sleep, wake up at 8am and feel tired, groggy and sluggish.

What can I eat before bed to help me sleep through the night?

I tried chicken breast and avacado, didn’t work.
I tried lobster ravioli, whole wheat pizza and steel cut oatmeal, didn’t work.
I tried simple deli slices right before bed, didn’t work.

Any help would be really appreciated. I’m still taking small doses of Ridgecrest Adrenal Fatigue Fighter, eating very clean and I hope to be better soon.

Thanks so much.

You might try having a casein protein shake before bed.

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yeah could try casein as above

Also Biotest’s Z12 product or these can help sleep more deeply…