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HELP-Can't Gain Weight!

Somebody please help me! I have been training consistently and dieting like a mad man and can’t gain a pound. I’m 20 years old 6’1’’ 150lbs (on most days) however I just weighed myself 5 minutes ago at 145lbs. I eat 6 meals a day with 200+ grams of protein and 3000-4000 calories a day. I lift weights 3 days a week, MON- Chest, triceps, shoulders WED-Legs SAT-biceps, back. I try and keep all my workouts under an hour.

I have considered begining to eat just anything that is high in calories (for example McDonalds fries 600 calories) just to get my number up another thousand or so. I’ve also been contemplating a cycle of nandrolone and stanozol to help get me over the hump and to start gaining weight.

I’m frustrated cause most all my friends sit around and drink beer and eat shit all day and are pretty big, where as I have spent tons of time, money, and effort dieting with no results.

Somebody help me, if you need to know what I eat and what supplements I take let me know and I will post it. Thanks

Now I’m no pro but I’d try increasing complex carg intake and keeping protein at 200+ It worked very well for me I added 25 pounds in a few months. I good portion of it was fat but imo the mass was worth it.

Eat peanut butter on grain twice daily and I don’t mean a little peanut butter I mean like oozin gout of the bread. More PB then bread.

Try a upper lower split with a lot of emphecic or Deads/squats and Flat bench/military press. add 3-4 other lifts to each upper/lower workout like calf raises, chins, ect and you should add some mass over the next couple of months.

Milk, nuts, peanut butter, bananas, grapes and olive oil all have plenty of calories but are healthier than McDonalds.

Thanks for the help guys

Read this and tell me if there are any similarities in my story.

Dipshit forgot the link


1/4 cup of walnuts = 210 calories. You can fill a mini ziploc bag with about 1 cup of walnuts to snack on during the day. Thats 840 calories, and good fat and protein intake, and of course is much better for you than 600 caloire McDonalds fries.

Scar … very nice post I enjoyed it alot

Well you are having a tough time. I would not recommend eating McDonalds but you gotta get the calories from somewhere.

I found this interesting


Don’t know if it would help you identify WHAT you should be eating. Mine came up with protein and steak etc… which is spot on. note this is just one example of an online test I found, don’t know if it is the best.

You’re a freak. Gaining weight is as easy as eating and sitting down much of the day. Even if you have an active life, just enjoy a cheat meal every day and you’ll pack on the weight easily. Why anyone would want to is beyond me.

More carbs. Eat about 500 grams a day and then tell me you aren’t gaining weight.

[quote]Higher Game wrote:
You’re a freak. Gaining weight is as easy as eating and sitting down much of the day. Even if you have an active life, just enjoy a cheat meal every day and you’ll pack on the weight easily. Why anyone would want to is beyond me.[/quote]

?? What website is this again?

If you’re really eating as much as you say you are, try adding creatine. Also, are you gaining strength in the gym? This is absolutely necessary to gain muscle mass.

I took creatine about 8 months ago for like 3 months and got up to 160 but didn’t notice much change in size (I measured myself weekly), however once I quit taking it, my weight fell right down so I’m guessing it was all water weight.

I’ve been making decent gains in the gym, but still pretty weak compared to most people. I actually just started loading creatine today to see if it will help me gain mass.

Maybe you should go see the doctor if you’re eating that much and not gaining weight. I recall it having something to do with the thyroid. Dont quote me.

Fuck the creatine and don’t bother with a doctor, you just have to eat more.

More carbs, more protein, more fat - mix them all together. Eat a big breakfast, eat a big dinner. It’s not rocket science.

Post your diet.

Ajax - i know the place, i was like that all through my teens and early twenties, same height and rarely above 160 pounds. Sounds like you are eating better than i did though. I can suggest that you add nuts and boiled eggs, i liked the idea of a cup of nuts in a bag as suggested by beginner1991, i also do something like this to snack on, plus some boiled eggs.

Don’t cram food in though, i always remember being unable to eat for hours if i forced down a huge meal, its counterproductive. Don’t worry about having a few mcdonalds type foods now and then either.

For your exercises - you’re choosing 1 major multijoint exercise per part right? So your chest, tricep and shoulder day goes something like bench press, dips, clean and press - a couple of warm ups each and 3 working sets. If it looks longer than that and your adding a bunch of other exercises you may be doing more than your body can adapt to.

As far as strength goes - if it feels heavy to you it is heavy. Never try and jump up to the next guys weight, that way lies injury - just keep working it up every couple of weeks by a couple of pounds and you’ll end up quite strong. Wish i could tell my 20 year old self all that!

And dont bother with steroids. First your bones probably havent finished growing completely, no need to mess that process up. Second you’re already on nature’s finest at 20 years old and third you’ll risk the law and if you mess up your health all the time knowing that you didnt give yourself a really good long run at the goal naturally.

are you getting any strength gains in your workouts? …ive never been a skinny dude but i can lose weight alot easier than i can gain it. {to some degree anyway}. but if im trying to gain weight and i dont see any scale movement i look to something else to keep me motivated! keep piling the weight on the bar
keep going

Search the shit out of the website, theres 458745937576 other posts like yours. When you get your diet in order, sustain it, for at least 12 weeks. If you haven’t put on any weight after that, then you may have a problem.