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Help! Can't feel my leg!


Alright I am being a little melodramatic but just did my first set of shots today. 500mg Sust glute (25g), 100mg Tren L.thigh (29g), 100mg Test. Prop (29g).

My r.thigh is completely numb around the injection site. Feels like a bad dead leg. I know prop. inj. are supposed to be painful but the inj. itself was painless (insulin pins are amazing!). So why does my leg feel like I just been beaten with an iron bar? And its leg day and I don't know if it would be clever to train.

My glute is a little sore from the 2cc sust and I can't even feel the tren site, which I was worried about because it was homebrew.

I didn't combine because I wanted to see what all the individual AAS felt like. BTW the T.Prop is British Dragon.


You may have hit a nerve bro. It will be sore for a few days but work through your leg routine. The flushing effect of the blood flow should help ease some of the pain.


If I had hit a nerve wouldn't I have felt it on the way in?

I'm sure I hit one on my 1st attempt with the Sust in my glute but withdrew when I felt it.


Oh man, I know exactly what you're talkin about. I had that happen before and it sucks. I learned that whatever body part you're injecting in, go workout that body part the same day or the very next day. As musclehed said, the workout and blood flow to the site really helped me. but the more i waited the worse it got. good luck


Hospital horror story:
I remember a few years back when I had an operation, and after in the recover room the nurse offered my some demerol. I said yes, so she told me to turn over, I did and she jabbed that needle right in without bothering to landmark. That FUCKING BITCH! I honestly could not feel my ass cheek for a full year!


If you full on hit the nerve on the way in, yes you'd feel it. You may also have just come close to the nerve, and the resultant swelling caused by the oil you put in might just be putting some pressure on the nerve. I dont know how much experience you have with prop, but it does tend to cause a delayed ache in a lot of people (starts 12-24hrs after the injection). It always did with me, to the point that i pretty much stopped using it because i could barely move for a few days after a shot. I used to use sust every now and then but i would dilute it 1/1 with something without prop in it, like EQ or deca or even just some sterile oil (your tren brew might work good for this). Not doing too much juice anymore though.


Thanks for the info.
I've iced it and taken ibuprofen so at least I can make it upstairs.
I have actually got a load of sterile oil so I'll dilute the prop 2:1 and inject in the glute.
Only did it to see what it felt like, not mucking around anymore!
(Had actually planned to stick this stuff in my delt next!)
Searched old forum threads and it seems Test Prop. is the devils spawn.


I think you could just use the tren that you're already injecting to dilute quite effectively. Putting less oil in yourself is always a plus. I cant think why they wouldnt work just fine together, unless anybody else has any thoughts.


I stuck myself in the left glute with 1cc Prop/1cc Tren/1cc Oil and had very much reduced site soreness.
I will never ever stick myself with pure Prop again!