Help Buying Home Calcium Testing Device

I know you have something to do with medical devices so I’m tagging you. I need a device for testing calcium levels. They exist, like a blood glucose meter, but I can’t find any for source in the US or Central America so far. I know they are available in Taiwan among other places. Any pointers on where to get one? Anyone?

I’m not aware of any personal devices but I did a search and the only thing I found was from Hanna Instruments but it doesn’t look like a blood glucose style prick & test meter. The devices I work with are more along the lines of plates, screws, nails, external fixation, osteotomies and soft tissue. Maybe someone like @johann77 would know since he’s in lab testing. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

Thanks. It was a stab in the dark. I found something from Taidoc, but can’t get it in the US

So you’re the guy that would have been standing in during my open-back lumbar fusion and watching pedicle screw placement.

Yeah, well, I could have used you. My surgeon sunk one too deep and it is in “abutment” to the iliac vein in my pelvis. Supposedly the surgeon consulted a rheumatologist on site and they both agreed to just leave it alone.

Fuck’s sake.

This was five years ago, so I guess I’m fine. Who knows.

Lol yep that’s me. When I first started I thought it was so crazy that I’m telling a surgeon how to perform surgery in real time. We think of these guys as “all-knowing Gods” but I’ve been there many times where I’ve had to say “Hey Doc trying flipping that plate over and see if that fits a little better” lol.



Formerly hyperparathyroid hyperplasia. Now I’m apparently swinging from hypocalemia to hypercalcemia, with me one partial parathyroid gland putting out PTH in the 30’s. We discovered two days ago that I’m swinging, we were under the impression that hyper was impossible for me post surgery. Hypo is way better than hyper.

Haha, my wife’s sister (I can’t bring myself to get used to saying sister in law) is a urologist, so I kind of sort of know what you mean. Really weird to know she’s going from crazy parties in the desert to an operating room

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